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Doctor Who: Zoe Herriot Customized Action Figure

James suggested the A.J. McLeod CY Girl action figure as a possible likeness for Zoe Herriot (Wendy Padbury), one of the Second Doctor's companions. Here she models a catsuit like Zoe wore in "Wheel in Space."

Since Zoe is from the future, she seems at home at the controls of this space ship. It's really the "Swine Trek" Muppet playset. Since they were all set too low to be in scale, I had to remove the original chairs and unscrew and raise the console.

Here she models my version of the catsuit Zoe wears in "The Mind Robber." It shows off the CY Girl's figure very well, even in pictures with my limited photography skills. The closest match to the dark sparkly fabric in "The Mind Robber" catsuit had small round sequins all over the front side - Sometimes, you just have to use the "wrong" side of the fabric to get the right look. This fabric is a pain to sew - It kept gumming up the sewing machine.

I plan to modify the pattern I created for these catsuits to make different styles, like some catsuits suitable for Emma Peel from The Avengers or T'Pol from Star Trek Enterprise.