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Doctor Who: Wirrn

I just had to show off my new toy. It was sculpted by James Barnes, also known as etherealtentacle (at) yahoo (dot) com (Currently I'm sewing Tegan's little leather miniskirt outfit as a trade for the Wirrn.)

The Wirrn's antennae are floral wire, painted green and then drybrushed. Its head is sculpey. Its eyes are glass beads. Its body is craft foam with lots of thick acrylic paint. James took the pictures and built the diorama set. He was kind enough to let me use his pictures to brag on the cool work he did.

The Wirrn is one of my favorite monsters from Doctor Who. Yes, I know the Wirrn appeared in a TV episode with Sarah Jane Smith - but who says Leela couldn't have run into some of the Wirrn during her travels with the Doctor?