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Past Commissions

I've had several commissions which I'm unlikely to repeat any time soon (since they're outside my areas of interest), but that I at least wanted to mention.
Please be aware that for many commissions, I don't own a figure with an appropriate head sculpt, so I have to use a handy action figure when I need a model! So, you'll have to use your imagination a little bit with many of these projects.

Deerstalker - Sherlock Holmes hat

I made the deerstalker hat for Les Walker Figure Master. He created the rest of the outfits for Holmes and Watson. The first three images are borrowed from his site.

T'Pol catsuit from Star Trek Enterprise

Please note the piping along the neck, shoulders, and contrasting panels. I made this as a trade for a Legolas head.

Kolchak the Nightstalker

You can get more pictures and information on my Kolchak the Nightstalker webpage.
A gentleman commissioned me to recreate part of his son's SCA garb in 1:6 scale. Making a medieval coif was interesting. I realized that the pattern I used to make the coif could be modified to make Time Lord skullcaps.
Clint Eastwood's coat from Pale Rider.
Outfit based on Japanese School Uniforms. Completed as part of a trade. I plan to modify the pattern I created for the shirt to make one of Romana II's outfits eventually.

James Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service Action Figure

This outfit was a commission for Jonathan Sheen. I made him a jacket, kilt, socks, sporran, vest, and a shirt with a lace jabot. He has more pictures of Sideshow's George Lazenby action figure modelling this outfit at his Leviathan Studios site. Since I made this outfit, I've found a MUCH better match for the kilt fabric. I've never seen this movie, so all I had to go by were the screen captures and other photos Jonathan gave me as reference material. And Jonathan gave me LOTS of good photos to work from - the more images, showing the more angles (front, back, side, close-up, long-shot, etc.), the better. He also asked me to write up a how-to for it. Eventually I'll tweak it as I think of additional info, and edit it to make it more coherent, but you can check out what I've written so far here: James Bond How To Page.

Another Bond-related commission - uniforms for a villain's henchmen.