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Wants List

This page lists some of types of items I might buy or trade for (since I'm a seamstress, not a sculptor, painter, etc.) I no longer take commissions (paid or trade) for items outside of my areas of interest (Doctor Who and certain historical eras). Sometimes I trade for high-quality custom pieces. I rarely trade for mass-produced commercially-available items, unless they're rare, expensive, or difficult-to-find items.

Wanted: Photoshop or other computer help

To recreate fabrics in 1:6 scale for Doctor Who custom outfits. Contact me for images, details.

Wanted: Doctor Who Merchandise

Dismantled/battle-damaged Cyberman parts - wires dangling out, scorch marks, exposed skulls, and otherwise looking like they got on the wrong side of a Dalek or the Doctor. Can be created from recasts. Classic Pyramids Of Mars 4th Doctor

Wanted: Doctor Who Head Sculpts in 1:6 Scale

High priority
Sarah Jane Smith Harry Sullivan Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) Romana II Amy Pond First Doctor (William Hartnell - pending)
Barbara Wright Susan Foreman Ian Chesterton Donna Noble Auton/Roman Rory Master (Delgado version - pending)

Wanted: Doctor Who Head Sculpts in 1:6 Scale

Low priority
Jamie McCrimmon Zoe Herriot Victoria Waterfield Jo Grant Ace 6th, 7th, 5th Doctors

You can find lots of great images of the Doctor, his companions, villains, etc., at the Doctor Who Image Archive.

Wanted: Sculpts of Doctor Who Monsters, Aliens, & Accessories in 1:6 Scale

These have become a very low priority for me since I started collecting some of the 5-inch Character Options toys. The ones I'm still sort of interested in are listed below:
TARDIS console K-9 Cybermen (Tomb and/or Invasion) Draconians Sontarans

Wanted: Head Sculpts

If sculpts I like already exist, I include a link to information on how to buy that head sculpt. I will trade for head sculpts and/or for getting these head sculpts painted.

I'm interested in trading outfits to get the following heads painted:
John Locke (from Lost)
Zoe Washburn (from Firefly, sculpt by Trevor)
Nathan Fillion (from Firefly and also Castle, sculpt by Trevor))
Inara (from Firefly, sculpt by Trevor)
Kaylee (from Firefly, sculpt by Trevor)
Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Gene Hunt)
James Nesbitt (Jekyll) - Needs to be commissioned
David Warner - Needs to be commissioned
(from Tron, Time Bandits, the Hornblower TV series, and a ton of other movies)
This is a pretty generic photo, because how difficult is it to pick a best picture out of all of this guy's movie roles?)
Ian McShane (Kings) - Needs to be commissioned
Molly Quinn (Castle) - Needs to be commissioned
Jeremy Brett (Sherlock Holmes) - Needs to be commissioned
Sean Connery (Hunt for Red October)
Needs painting.
Matt Smith (The 11th Doctor, Doctor Who)
Low Priority. I'm more interested in a head sculpt for Amy Pond or Rory.

Wanted: Action Figures and/or Head Sculpts

Nude figures or loose figures or even just the heads are fine. I don't need the outfits or accessories. I just like the head sculpts on these figures, or else I can use these head sculpts pretty much as-is or that could be modified easily (since I can't paint or sculpt very well).
Mattel's Audrey Hepburn doll: Possible head donor for a Susan Foreman figure. High priority.
Black Tie Affair - Israeli Candi or other dark-haired Candi doll using the Israeli head mold: Possible head donor for a Barbara Wright figure. High priority.
Omega African American Body. High priority. Omega Caucasian Body. High priority.
Action Figure bodies: Dragon, Triad, TTL, Hot Toys, BBI, Sideshow, etc. Very low priority, since I can buy bodies from commercial sites.

Wanted: Custom Steampunk

Custom Weapons (ray guns), equipment (jet packs, goggles, etc.), and other goodies with a Steampunk look and feel to them. There have been some awesome steampunk projects on the One Sixth Warrior forum, including this fantstic ray gun by Corset Kitten.

Wanted: Custom Elves

Custom Head Sculpts, Weapons and Armor with an organic "woodland" look and feel to them (like this sword made by DeltaStorm on the FantasyNet Forum).

I already have a Legolas head. It still needs hair applied.

Wanted: Books - Historical Fashion Reference Books

Used copies with normal wear are just fine - not falling apart, missing pages, etc.! For trade purposes, I'll count these books as being worth the price Amazon.com lists plus shipping costs. These are the sorts of books I have to buy to get the historical patterns I use to sew outfits. It's quite expensive to build a reference library. I can't list every book I don't own, so feel free to ask about books that aren't on this list.
Corsets and Crinolines, by Norah Waugh The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930, by Norah Waugh
Cut of Men's Clothes: 1600-1900, by Norah Waugh Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women's Dress 1500-1800, by Jean Hunnisett
Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Outer Garments : Cloaks, Capes, Stoles and Wadded Mantles, by Jean Hunnisett Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women's Dress, Medieval-1500, by Jean Hunnisett

Wanted: Dioramas, Vehicles, Furniture, Etc.

If there is a link below, it will let you see versions other folks have built. They're well worth checking out for the detail these people put into their projects. Lower priority due to lack of space in my new home.
Pirate, Napoleanic, etc., sailing ship dioramas (cannons, etc.) A console and the accompanying girders from the Fox TV movie
TARDIS console room set, with a console, walls with roundels, and doors that open Coffin suitable for a vampire. A plain example is available at R & R Customs

Wanted: Clothing, Historical, & Other Accessories

These are the lowest priority items, since most of them are available fairly cheaply via loose parts sellers.
bowlers, derby, fedoras, top hats, other civilian hats. Some good examples are available at Stevo's Toys gas masks (WWI, or WWII "Are you my mummy?" style)
WWI British army lieutenant's uniform and/or WWI British army corporal's uniform (for a Monocled Mutineer kitbash) test tubes, rack, flask, & medical bag from Sideshow's Invisible Man figure, and/or other scientific apparatus.
diving suit with a diving bell helmet Russian sub commander uniform (for Marko Ramius)

Contact me to discuss trade items, etc.