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Doctor Who and the Temple of Death

The skeletons spring to life, and one of them starts to strangle the Doctor with his own scarf.

Gasping for breath, he tries to tell Sarah Jane to grab something on the altar to break the spell.

Should she use the book? The blade? The chalice? The skull, or the candle perched atop it? She'd best decide quickly, before the other skeleton slips its bonds and attacks her as well!

Hoping for the best, Sarah Jane reaches for the ancient tome.

The skeleton collapses, releasing its stranglehold on the Doctor.


OK, so it's a quickie little "story." I finally got a Fourth Doctor head sculpt, from reddgriff on the FantasyNet forum on ezBoard. I still need a better scarf for him, but I might have a lead on that. I'll let you know how that turns out. I made the Sarah Jane Smith figure a while ago. The stocks holding one skeleton, the kris blade, and the skull candleholder are from Ed, a.k.a. intents2002. The skeletons came from the Halloween stock at Walgreens. The stone backdrop is fabric from the quilting section at Jo Ann's Fabric and Crafts. The book came with s Sideshow Buffy the Vampire Slayer figure.