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Doctor Who: The TARDIS

The weathering on the TARDIS is all courtesy of Photoshop and color print-outs. The original image came from Iron-Cow's McFarlane Doctor Who customs website, which has a downloadable version of the Build Your Own TARDIS feature from the old Doctor Who Technical Manual. Iron-Cow added the color, the weathering and the other details. Iron-Cow's version is in scale with the McFarlane action figures he used as bases for his very impressive custom figures. My husband tweaked the color a bit and enlarged Iron Cow's originals up to 1:6 scale so I could use it with my action figures and dolls.

Then I had to build a TARDIS so I could glue these wonderful images onto it. I built a foam core base using the wonderful How-To instruction guide at Sean Huxter's Tardis Project. I don't have the patience or skill to put the detail into the foam core construction that he did. That's why I used a flat TARDIS roof instead of the peaked roof. That's also why I opted to use the printed graphics from Iron Cow's Website instead of trying to paint my TARDIS. I favor the "slop 'n go" approach to painting. Absolutely no patience...

The lamp on top is the clear plastic lid from a bottle of Suave brand non-aerosol/pump hairspray. I cut a circle 1.25 inches in diameter out of cardboard. Or maybe I glued two circles of cardboard together to get the correct thickness. I can't remember. Either way, I glued some of the leftover blue paper to the circles. The posts are four toothpicks 1.875 inches tall, painted blue. I cut a hole in the roof to fit a light bulb through, but it wasn't bright enough to show up in photographs, so I used a Photoshop lens flare effect. I built a shelf inside the TARDIS (just about even with the bottom of the Police signs) to support the battery pack for the light bulb, and to give the structure some inner strength and support.
I took a tape measure to the finished product. Hopefully these measurements will help anyone who wants to build their own TARDIS. Let me know if I need to make anything more clear.

The outer corner post is 15.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. The inner corner post is 15.75 inches tall by 1 inch wide.

The TARDIS is 9.25 inches wide from the corner of each support post. The base is 10.125 inches square.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated some of my dimensions, and I only had the one set of color print-outs. Oops. So I improvised using leftover pieces, and managed to cover everything. If you look at the corner posts of the TARDIS, slightly below the Doctor's knee level, you can see the "seam" where the pieces of paper weren't long or tall enough to cover the entire corner post.
I glued 3 or four pieces of foam core together so the "Police Public Call Box" signs would have some depth (instead of only being flat images). The outer layer is 7.875 inches by a little over 1.125 inches. The middle layer is 7 inches by 1.125 inches. The hindmost layer is 6.75 inches by 1.125 inches. Altogether, the signs are .625 inches thick. The signs are .75 inches lower than the bottom of the first roof layer.

The first layer of the roof is 8.5 inches square. The second layer of roof is 6.75 inches square. The height from the base to the first layer of roof is 16 inches.
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