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Fabric of Time and Space - Gallery

IMPORTANT NOTES: (7/20/09) I no longer sell outfits or take commissions (paid or trade) outside my areas of interest.

Currently I'm focusing on projects I want for myself. I might make extra copies of those outfits to sell to raise funds for my own projects, or else to trade for high-quality custom work in my areas of interest. I list some of the items in which I'm interested on the Items Wanted for Trade page. To see my recent projects, check out my What's New page.

When or if I ever decide to do paid commissions again I'll post a notice here and on my Home Page. Until then, this page is a partial record of the sorts of projects I've worked on in the past.

I've removed payment options unless I currently have an extra outfit available for sale. If there isn't a price listed, the outfit isn't for sale. Please do not e-mail me asking for a price. Odds are, I won't respond, since I've already answered such "Is it for sale/How much?" questions right here in this paragraph.

Please be sure to read all of the "Policies" section at the bottom of this web page before contacting me. I reserve the right to decline or to return payments or trades from people who do not read or follow the policies on this website.


Current Commission Workload
Currently sewing: a few personal and trade projects. Currently not interested in paid commissions.

Estimated completion time for any project: several months. I alternate projects when I hit a brick wall on one. My real-world job must take priority, since it actually pays the bills. (Sewing is only a hobby, and wouldn't generate enough money to pay one bill, much less all of them.)

Partial Gallery of Earlier Projects

Images are links to more information and more pictures of each outfit. (Currently Not for Sale)
For a more complete list of previous projects, please check the What's New page.

Doctor Who Projects

Sarah Jane Smith "Hand of Fear" outfit, from Doctor Who.
Drawstrings threaded through the cuffs/ankles (left long on WIP for ease of handling, but can be trimmed to scale by me or by customer)
Stars custom printed, then applied to overalls
Handsewn piping on bib and on trousers
Handsewn buttons on straps of overalls
Handsewn snaps on straps of overalls
Handsewn snaps on shirt
Socks - custom printed stripes

This is just a quick pic to give folks an idea of what my 1:6 version of the "Hand of Fear" outfit looks like on a Dragon female body. (Obviously, the head sculpt isn't close to Sarah Jane. I'm sure you can use your imagination.)
Trenchcoat for 10th Doctor (David Tennant), from Doctor Who
The Second Doctor, from Doctor Who. Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) outfit, from Doctor Who.
Red jacket Fourth Doctor outfit, from Doctor Who. Gray Fourth Doctor outfit (with or without vest), from Doctor Who.
6th Doctor (Colin Baker), from Doctor Who Eighth Doctor outfit, from Doctor Who.
Zoe Herriot, "The Mind Robber," Doctor Who. Zoe Herriot, "The Wheel in Space," Doctor Who.
Leela costume, from Doctor Who. Romana II, "Destiny of the Daleks," Doctor Who.
Autons, from Doctor Who. The Master, from Doctor Who.

Historical & Other Projects

18th Century Royal Navy Lieutenant's uniform like the ones Bush, Hornblower, and Kennedy wear in "Mutiny" and "Retribution." This is one of the more complicated outfits I make. 18th Century Royal Navy Lieutenant's uniform like the one Hornblower wears in "Frogs and Lobsters" and "The Wrong War."
Kilt (great kilt or sport kilt) and/or Highlander outfit (includes shirt). Kolchak the Nightstalker
Vest. Could be used for Dr. Who, Victorian, Wild West, modern, or other outfits. Details include full lining, topstitching, five bead "buttons," and snap closures. Please indicate fabric/color choice. Frilly shirt, pirate shirt, poet shirt, Renaissance Faire shirt, "puffy" shirt, romance novel cover shirt...whatever you want to call it, here it is!
Renaissance costumes made from modified commerical patterns. Medieval costumes, made from modified commerical patterns.


PAYMENT: I prefer trades. I accept Paypal during those rare fits of insanity when I sew for money. Please contact me if you need to arrange an alternative payment method (money order, check, etc.) I no longer take installment payments.

TRADES:Contact me to arrange trades for high-quality custom items (head sculpts, repaints, etc.). If you want to trade for some or all of the price, I have a list of the sorts of things I'm looking for on my Items Wanted for Trade page. For trade purposes, I count mass-produced commercially-available items (like a Character Options toy), as being worth the full retail price Amazon.com lists plus shipping costs. (If you get an item on sale or on clearance, you still get credit for the full price.) I subtract the following from your total: listed retail price of that item (rounded up), plus the cost of shipping that item to zip code 78757 in the United States (rounded up).

PRICES: Prices are based on how long it takes me to make certain items and/or how complicated they are to make. All prices are itemized, with prices based on $5/hour (below minimum wage). I also deliberately underestimate the number of hours spent sewing each item, since I sew very slowly. If you don't need/want an item (shirt, trousers, etc.), just let me know. I won't make or send that item, and won't include the cost of that item in the final price for the outfit. Dolls are not included in the price, and are not for sale unless otherwise noted.

SHIPPING: All prices include free shipping within the U.S. via first class U.S. mail. If you're outside the U.S. or prefer a different shipping method (like Priority Mail), please add $15 to the total price to cover shipping. Previously I had an honor system where I asked people to notify me and arrange to cover the additional shipping costs. That didn't work out too well, so I've had to discontinue it.

UPDATES: Updates on outfits will be posted in the "Current Commission Workload" section of this webpage when I start or finish sewing an outfit, etc. Please do not request personal/weekly/etc. updates on works in progress. I'd rather spend my free time sewing than writing e-mails or forum posts about sewing.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Nothing is "reserved" officially or shipped until full payment or trade actually is received for it. I reserve the right to decline or to return payments or trades from people who do not read or follow the policies on this website.

RANTS: This is my hobby, not my full-time job or my life. Projects can take several months as I finish previous requests from other people and/or work on projects of my own. Please feel free to contact me to ask about my current workload before you send any sort of trade or payment. Please be considerate of my time and sanity. My real-world job always must take priority, since it actually pays the bills. Sewing wouldn't generate enough money to pay one bill, much less all of them. Unless someone is willing and able to pay me $50,000-plus per year for the rest of my life, I'm not going to risk missing a work deadline/losing my job just to sew some doll clothes for a stranger.

I've lost track of the number of e-mails I've received that boil down to "Although you say nothing is for sale/you don't sew outside your areas of interest/etc., surely you'll make an exception just for me?" Please do not send such an e-mail. Odds are, I won't respond, since I've already answered such "Will you make an exception just for me?" questions right here in this paragraph.

I've gotten a lot of requests for the burgundy costume worn by the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) during Season 18 of Doctor Who. To be completely honest, it's one of my least favorite Doctor Who costumes. Making that burgundy costume would feel like work instead of a hobby. I've received some tempting trade offers, but I just can't bring myself to care enough about that burgundy costume to do it any justice. It wouldn't be fair to "phone in" a sewing project. So for the forseeable future I respectfully decline to work on that burgundy costume. If I ever change my mind, I'll post an update here.

Contact me about sewing Doctor Who or historical outfits (naval uniforms, pirates, Regency, etc.)