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Doctor Who: Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) Customized Action Figure

This is just a quick pic to give folks an idea of what my 1:6 version of the "Hand of Fear" outfit looks like on a Dragon female body. (Obviously, the head sculpt isn't close to Sarah Jane. Originally I'd hoped to have the Sarah Jane head sculpt by Chris Howes in the pics of this outfit, and to have more time available before I moved to sew additional outfits, but that didn't work out as planned.)

I found a possible fabric to use for Sarah Jane's fuzzy white jacket from the end of "The Hand of Fear." The fabric was near the velvet and fake fur sections of JoAnn Fabrics. My receipt listed the fabric as "Silky White" with a SKU number of "743006621281."
This is my original attempt at a Sarah Jane Smith custom figure. Originally, this was one of those dolls made for pop stars or groups that are around for a little while, hit clearance, then disappear. A band called Dream garnered some nice face molds, so I grabbed a few of them. I modified the doll by cutting her hair shorter and curling it under, rooting bangs, and painting her lips a different color.
I then did a head swap onto one of the I-Girls bodies from Lanard. Her outfit in these pictures is a Barbie outfit from Mattel.