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Doctor Who: Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Les Walker was kind enough to paint BillyB's sculpt of Rose for me.
Les Walker also custom re-painted the Tenth Doctor head sculpt by Character Options, then mounted it on a Dragon body. Please check out Les Walker Figure Master's webpage for more of his great work.

For folks trying to find a hoodie for their Rose figures: I raided a Mattel Barbie mix n' match Fashion Fever set. The Barbie set comes with a velour hoodie, matching trousers, a brown t-shirt with a crown on it, a dress, a skirt, one more top, plus some shoes. There are some cute blue/brown sneakers in the set that match Rose's current outfit. Those sneakers might fit if you put Rose's head on an Obitsu!

Please be aware that the tracksuit bottoms aren't long enough in the leg. It looks like she's wearing highwaters!! (Which is why I didn't take any full length shots.) The material is very stretchy, so you should be able to fix that problem by pulling the trousers lower down on Rose's hip (thus baring more belly).

I'll probably make Rose a better outfit later - jeans to replace these tracksuit bottoms, maybe print up some Union Jack fabric to make her a t-shirt, etc.