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Doctor Who: Romana, Destiny of the Daleks

Romana's outfit in the Doctor Who episode Destiny of the Daleks included a pink version of the Doctor's own frock coat, and a white version of his scarf. I put wire in the hem of this scarf so it would hold position better for action poses, and added tassels at each end of the scarf.

I had fun playing with forced perspective, putting two Product Enterprises talking Daleks almost next to the camera to make them look in scale. The TARDIS is the same one I've posted here before.

Romana's vest has red piping and a pink "buckle" detail hand sewn to the belt. I added darts to botht eh coat and blouse so they would fit a female form better. I made my first ever CY Girl boot covers for this project, for Romana's boots with the turned down cuffs.