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Pseudo-Historical Stuff

Even as civilization encroaches on the wild lands...Albion's first defenders live on. Enter a world in which Science and Reason now join the ancient arts of Magic in the wars which rage across Europe...
Why should all mages, wizards, and sorcerers be limited to pseudo-medieval wardrobes? This outfit inspired the character of a court mage of a rather different sort. I grabbed a figure at random to check the fit of this clothing, but liked how the clothing looked on him so much that I left it on him. As a result, I added this pseudo-historical section for the mages and vampires and other fantasy figures I create.
Excerpt from the log of the H.M.S. Albion II, Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
We are fortunate enough to have a brief respite after our latest battle, during which our Honoured Guest has come to our aid. I witnessed the shattered remains of the mast destroyed by French guns spring to life, spreading branches and sprouting leaves until a mighty tree stood straight and proud upon the deck. Soon the branches shaped themselves into cross-trees, the trunk smoothed itself into the semblance of a more traditional mast, and new shrouds and ratlines slithered into position like so many serpents. Work continues apace to finish the transformation. We shall be ready to continue our pursuit of the Frenchman in record time.
Excerpt from the log of the H.M.S. Albion II, Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Our Honoured Guest demanded the use of a ship's boat so he might obtain a sample of the local coral. Although I chafed at the delay for fear of losing our quarry, during this voyage I have learned the wisdom of honouring the often odd requests made by mages.
The Frenchman relied upon the shallower draft of his vessel to carry him safely over the coral reefs that plague this area. The crew cursed the Albion's need for deeper water-until the Frenchman suddenly found himself in much shallower water than promised by his navigation charts! All the while, our Honoured Guest stood upon the deck, holding that coral sample of his and smiling as the reef beneath the fleeing Frenchman continued to grow. I have sent boats across to where the French ship has run aground, the bottom torn out of her by the sharp coral. Hopefully we shall find some clue aboard her as to the whereabouts of our real quarry. If so, I will regret the loss of our Honoured Guest as he continues his pursuit of the enemy mage he has sworn to capture. I do not envy his quarry, especially when our Honoured Guest finally sets foot upon dry land and has the advantage of being once more in his native Element. I have seen the damage he has done whilst at sea, far removed from many of the green and growing things which respond most readily to his magics.
Excerpt from the log of the H.M.S. Albion II, Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Disaster! The French ship carried a fire mage as part of its complement. The dishonourable cur faked an injury and came aboard with the wounded survivors. His range is limited, but fire spreads quickly aboard any ship. I pray we receive some answer to our distress signals. If he reaches the powder stores, we are doomed.
Excerpt from the log of the H.M.S. Albion II, Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Reinforcements arrived, and none too soon! Luckily Anthea has added several new spells to her repertoire. Her newly-gained wings allowed her to fly to our aid from her current station with the fleet. She quickly extinguished the fire and aided in the capture of the fire mage. During questioning, our captive revealed that he called himself "Pyros." His furtive glances at our Honoured Guest revealed that he understood something of the power the Fair Folk wield over True Names.
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
I dare not record the details of Anthea's capture and interrogation of the fire mage in a public record. Although society accords certain freedoms to mage-born females, some of Anthea's uses for her magical talents would be considered beyond the pale. There already are sufficient rumours about Anthea's various improprieties - many of them spawned by our first meeting. Those rumours still plague (and yet also delight) us both.

Here in my own private journals, however, I can give the lady the credit she deserves. At her command, the winds formed into a tornado to draw the flames away from the ship. Likewise, the air around the fire mage suddenly withdrew, leaving him with no fuel for his fires - and no air to breathe. He soon collapsed. As for what awaited him when he awoke...
Excerpt continues:
When he saw the pistols in Anthea's hands, "Pyros" called her a fool. After all, he had injured or killed many opponents by igniting powder and thus causing men's weapons to explode in their faces. His bravado soon turned to confusion however, since Anthea's "air pistols" use no powder, no wadding - nothing but her own spells to compress the air that propels the many bullets stored in the butt of each weapon. There was nothing for him to ignite.

Anthea is an extremely accurate shot. She soon had the scoundrel convinced that she was both willing and able to shoot off various portions of his anatomy, and that our Honoured Guest would heal those wounds only so she might inflict more. "Pyros" soon volunteered as much information as he was able.
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
I shall miss Anthea now that I have returned her to her assigned post. Whilst in port, she introduced me to the man who gave her those beloved "air pistols:" William Pembroke, Esquire. I must record some of his more fantastic contraptions. (Although the less said about the skull with which he converses, and which he addresses as "Yorick," the better.)
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Pembroke uses a furnace to create steam to propel a ship. I don't care how many shields that ship boasts between its furnace and its cannon. Keeping such a fire lit at all times aboard a ship is simply asking for trouble. In order to avoid such trouble, Anthea rendered "Pyros" unconscious (by briefly depriving him of air to breathe) for his transport to a cell made of metal, stone, and other such non-flammable material.
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Depending upon the configuration of the various lenses in Pembroke's spectacles, one may observe objects at a great distance (as if through a telescope), or of the smallest size. Some configurations allow one to see in darkness (although objects gain a strange greenish tint), or to see through certain intervening materials - such as flesh (but not bone) or wood (but not stone or metal).
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
While in port, Anthea also introduced me to one of the young apprentices: a sweet girl by the name of Jane, who eagerly offered some of her latest alchemical projects for our use. She then suggested additional ways in which her talents might assist us, frequently consulting the notebook tucked beneath her arm for more ideas. It is obvious that like Anthea, she craves adventure.
Excerpt from the private journals of Captain Sir Harry Thompson:
Jane eventually had to say farewell in order to return to her lessons, but managed to encounter me several more times while I was at the Academy, Jane seems bound and determined to ignore Anthea's repeated admonishments never to be unchaperoned with a man of my reputation. In short, she rather reminds me of Anthea at that age.
Detail of "button" on William Pembroke's coat. Buttons actually are fingernail decorations ("5mm Silver Medallions" from Crafts2Do.)

I built the spectacles using jump rings, jewelry clasps for necklaces, and a grommet from the scrapbooking section. I cut up old bent pins to get the wires for the nosepiece and earpieces. The spectacles were inspired by the ones from Sleepy Hollow and National Treasure. Obviously, they aren't exact recreations of either of those glasses, but are loosely based on those ideas.

Although I created all of the clothing, the following items were purchased from other customizers:
Elf head sculpted by MikeTek. (Unfortunately, this link has gone dead, and I've been unable to find another.)
Angel wings created and sold by The Mushroom Peddler.