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1:6 scale Pirate Action Figures

Bloody Red Bess

She's quite the dandy, but what's the point of all that loot if you don't spend a little something for the finer things in life? Fancy clothes, fancy swords, fancy men.....
I made all of her clothing (tricorn, coat, vest with back ties, shirt with lace cuffs, steinkirk/cravat with lace trim, breeches, stockings), and replaced the usual CYGirl earrings with gold hoops (jump rings). She wields the sword that came with DiD's Carnot.
Oddly enough the inspiration for this outfit came from a single description of an random outfit in the Age of Unreason series by J. Gregory Keyes. It wasn't even a pirate wearing the outfit. For some weird reason, that description stuck in my head and inspired me to sew something based on it.
Patterns adapted for 1:6 scale from Men's 17th & 18th Century Costume, Cut & Fashion: Patterns for Men's Costumes, by R. I. Davis. Studio City, CA: Players Press, Inc., 2000.
Never in a million years would I have thought to look at fingernail decorations, but I stumbled across them during an eBay search. I used the Round Gold 4mm items for this pirate coat and for my earlier naval coats. I used the Round Gold 3mm items for buttons on the pirate's breeches and on the naval vests. Some of the other sizes, shapes, and colors available look very promising for use in other custom projects. I usually buy from Crafts2Do.

Pirate Coat similar in style to Captain Jack Sparrow's coat in Pirates of the Caribbean (but not an exact duplicate of that coat).
Awaiting completion of trade before shipment. Currently modelled by a Dragon figure. Coat is lined and has pleated side vents. Microsuede makes a nice in-scale substitute for velvet and other fabrics. (I also like to use moleskin to represent velvet.) "Buttonholes" along coat tails, cuffs, pockets, and coat front are gold braid, as per period clothing. "Buttons" on coat tails, cuffs, pockets, and coat front are fingernail decorations glued to fabric. Props include a sword by auret7, and a tricorn hat borrowed from the Zizzle PotC figure until I got the chance to make a tricorn hat myself.

Tricorn Hats

Patterns adapted for 1:6 scale from From the neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking, by Denise Dreher. Minneapolis, MN: Madhatter Press, 1981.
The rosette is wired gold ribbon folded into pleats then hand sewn into a circle. A dollop of glue holds yet another fingernail decoration (this one black) in the center of the rosette. I think this is an improvement over my first attempt at making a rosette for Gentleman Jack. If you want to see another example of a 1:6 scale tricorn hat, I made one a while ago for the Gentleman Jack figure.

Pirate Queen Victory

This was my entry to the MiniMe contest on Fantasy Net on ezBoard.
I developed the patterns for the slashed sleeves (with piping), the side-laced trousers, and the thigh-high bootsleeves.

Alejandra de Castille, a.k.a. the Pirate Queen, a.k.a. "Alex Castle," got tired of waiting for me to make an outfit for her, so she raided the craft bin for bits and pieces. This outfit will do until she "acquires" an upgrade by raiding a captured ship.

Ed Cassar made her cat o' nine tails. I made her belt, using a cool plier-like tool to set all those grommets. I sewed her shirt and breeches. Her boots and the large sea chest were accessories for 16" fashion dolls. The bottle came from a "Gloria" playset. The skull is from a Walgreen's Halloween skeleton. The knife in her boot and the small chest are from Wal-Mart's crafts section.

Alexandra de Castille is an Integrity head sculpt put on an Ertl Turkey Hunter body.

The male pirate (who really needs a name) is a Power Team action figure. You can find them at KB Toys or Big Lots. The shirt's laces are black elastic cord. I didn't have small grommets when I made this shirt, so I pulled the cord through the shirt fabric with a needle, crisscrossing the thread like I was lacing my shoes, then cutting it. I strung a black bead on each end of the cord before I knotted the ends to add a little detail. I also made the leather vest for the male pirate.