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Wanted: Photoshop or other computer help

To recreate fabrics in 1:6 scale for Doctor Who custom outfits.
I want to trade for files that are ready to print out onto fabric, so I won't have to spend time resizing, adjusting colors and resolution and saturation, and otherwise reworking everything to be ready for 1:6 custom work.

Wanted: Masque of Mandragora Dress

Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society has lots of images to use as references for Sarah Jane Smith's clothes, boots, jewelry, and other accessories in various Doctor Who episodes.

Wanted: Hogwarts Ties

My best guess for the stripes and logo in 1:6 scale (Feel free to re-size any stripes and logos you find elsewhere on the Internet.)

Reference images and samples available at these (and lots of other) sites:
Harry Gear: Student Gear
Wizard Ties.com

Order of preference: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff.

Wanted: 8th Doctor's Vest

Wanted: Harry Sullivan's cravat

Wanted: 4th Doctor's Shirt (worn with argyle sweater)

Sorry I haven't been able to find good stills featuring this shirt. It was worn during "The Ark in Space," "The Sontaran Experiment," "Genesis of the Daleks," and "Revenge of the Cybermen" if you want an excuse to re-watch those episodes.

Wanted: Logos for Ace's Jacket

Wanted: 6th Doctor's Vest (low priority)

Wanted: 7th Doctor's Vest, plaid for trousers, paisley (low priority)

Wanted: 4th Doctor's Argyle Sweater

Trade pending

Wanted: Gray Sweater (Genesis of the Daleks, Sontaran Experiment)

Trade pending

Wanted: Logo for Brigadier's Cap

Trade pending

For a sense of scale: a vest pattern

For a sense of scale: a pattern for a tie

Contact me to discuss trades, etc.