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Kitbashes and Customizations of Paul McGann Roles

I've been watching a lot of movies featuring this actor lately. Most of the movies have been great. Even the not-so-great ones have had costumes that inspired me to create 1:6 scale versions. Luckily, the Royal Marine Roger figure from Dragon provides a good likeness for Paul McGann.

Golic, from Alien 3

I finally saw the director's cut, and it makes a lot more sense than the version I remember seeing in the theatre.

This is a wonderfully simple kitbash using an unmodified Roger figure. His shirt and trousers came from a Matrix Neo action figure. The watch cap came from a Power Team figure, and the scalpel came from Mattel's Dr. Ken.

Anton, from The Rainbow

He had to bring in the bottle of wine before he could open it. If you've seen the movie, you know what happens next...

This is a customized Roger figure, with Sculpey hair and a new paint job thanks to an ongoing trade I have with another customizer. You can see more of Rick's wonderful work at his Mego Doctor Who and Customs site.

The uniform came from Dragon's Sgt. Jones figure. It's not an exact match to the one Anton wears in The Rainbow, but it's pretty darn close. Especially since I found the uniform and belt sold loose at a decent price at WarToys.

More customized figures inspired by other Paul McGann roles:

Lt. William Bush from the Horatio Hornblower movies

The Eighth Doctor from the 1996 Doctor Who movie