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More of Vikki's Custom Figures and One of a Kind Dolls - OOAKs

Kitbashes and Customizations of Paul McGann Roles

Past Commissions

Some of these projects lack appropriate head sculpts, so be ready to use your imagination, OK?

Cthulu Cultist

A quick custom inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. And yet another Dalek Sec action figure is recast as a Cthulu cultist, Mindflayer, etc.
I'm not a skilled repainter. However, green paint thinned with lots of water, brushed over the original brown paint, created a nice new color while still preserving the original's variations in skin tone. Similarly thinned yellow paint covered the white of the eye, and transmuted the original's iris into an interesting green ring around the pupil.
I sewed a hooded robe, added a 1:6 human heart newly ripped from the chest of his latest victim, and he's ready to scream "Ia! Ia! Cthulu fhtagn!"

1950s Poodle Skirt

Yet another easy custom. A poodle skirt is basically a circle of felt with a waistband added. I had to use the water treatment to make the skirt obey the laws of gravity.

For the water treatment, I just put the poodle skirt on a spare nude figure, then held it under the cold water faucet until it was soaking wet. The weight of the water pulled the fabric into a more natural-looking position. I left the figure to dry overnight.

I made the poodle skirt and bobby socks. The sweater and shoes came from some fashion doll. The poodle applique came from JoAnn Fabrics.

Vashta Nerada

In the tradition of quick and easy customs, the world's easiest-to-make Vashta Nerada.

I popped the head off the 10th Doctor Spacesuit figure and crammed a 1:6 resin skull inside the helmet instead, using the foam inside the helmet to hold the skull in position. The same technique should work on the GI Joe or any other spacesuits/helmets out there.


Dammit, Jim, I'm a seamstress, not a sculptor! But I at least wanted to try to sculpt, so I added elf ears to a head. I also re-painted the eyes blue.

I'm still trying to decide whether to re-paint his hair to a more High Elf white or blond. The contrast of skin-tone ears against his dark hair is growing on me, however, so I might keep his hair black. Any suggestions?
I bought the figure (and some sculpey) years ago, but it took a challenge on another board to get me to pull them both out of the drawer and finally work on them.

Millie Hawkins, Hogwarts Student (Ravenclaw)

Millie Hawkins is a WIP. Eventually she'll be a student at Hogwarts, in Ravenclaw. (Assuming I ever get 1:6 scale versions of the ribbon trim, striped tie, and/or House crest.) I had to scale down patterns for her shirt, pleated skirt, and socks.
Making that many pleats, that narrow, was tricky! I'll probably make a new skirt someday to eliminate the diagonal skew of those pleats.
Unfortunately, I couldn't get the house colors done to my liking, so she doesn't have a school tie or sweater yet (since I don't have any trims in her House colors yet). I'm trading sewing projects for Photoshop help, so eventually she should get a school tie and sweater, and maybe someday some robes.

Nikolai's Cloak

Nikolai is a long-term project of mine. He's inspired by a Tzimisce character I played in an RPG campaign years ago. Some people irritated him. To celebrate their defeat, Nikolai made a nice new cloak...out of their flesh. I will spare you any further details...

I'm not quite happy with the overall effect of this cloak. It doesn't look anything like I imagined it would. Maybe using a thinner base layer of latex would have helped the cloak to drape and fold more naturally.
I adapted Holosuite's technique for making latex masks to create this cloak. (It was posted on FantasyNet.) I used more latex to "glue" the finished masks onto the latex cloak. I tried to smooth over the rough edges where the faces joined the cloak by pressing the two together, and by brushing more latex over the join. I used watered-down brown paint to try to create some detailing, and a sense of bloodied flesh on the inside of the cloak. I also painted the whites of the eyes of each flayed face. Some of the eyes looks like they're glowing, which is a cool effect.

Holosuite's Technique for Making Latex Masks

"Here's my recipe for making a Mission Impossible-esque life mask.
1- kneed some clay until it becomes maleable
2- mash a figure's face into the clay
3- put figure and clay into freezer to stiffen the clay
4- pull figure's face from clay
5- paint the clay face print with liquid latex
6- repeat "5" as needed for desired thickness
7- remove cured latex from clay
8- paint as needed
I've learned to tint the liquid latex with a drop or two of acrylic paint. This makes the base mask the desired color, and reduces the amount of painting needed to finish the mask. I've also tinkered with coating the clay mold with JBWeld to form a more rigid mask.

Not Quite Nikolai

My first Obitsu, and my first attempt at inserting 5mm acrylic eyes into a 1:6 doll head. (I can't paint eyes worth a darn, so this is my solution.) I bought the Obitsu and the the eyes from The Junky Spot. I originally planned to use this figure as Nikolai, but decided he didn't capture the correct look or feel of that character. Back to the drawing board....

I've had a few custom ideas on permanent hold since I can't paint eyes, but a suggestion from Karla led to a solution: acrylic eyes. For folks who aren't familiar with acrylic eyes (like I was), here is a brief summary of the "how-to" information I got from the Junky Spot forum and from other helpful web sites that folks at Junky Spot mentioned, like this webpage (in Japanese) on inserting acrylic eyes. The pictures are very helpful, plus you can run the webpage through a translation websites
Cut the top of the skull just inside the hairline. Some people remove the entire top of the head. I used an X-Acto blade to slice just under the hairline from the back of the head to a point just behind the ears so the hair would cover the seam when I was finished. This method limited my mobility since I had to gently hold the skull open every time I worked on the eye holes. Lifting the top of the head was like opening the lid of a hinged box. However, with this method I could use a pre-rooted head without having to worry about a Frankenstein seam across his forehead, or having to root hair myself.

Use a pencil to draw the shape of the eyes. Cut out the shape of the eye holes using an x-acto knife. After you carve eye holes in the head, you have to shave away a lot of the thickness of the "skull" behind the eye holes so the eyes won't look like they're buried a mile away inside the skull. I stuffed a ball of sculpey inside the head to hold the eyes in place.

Phoenix, of the X-Men

I made this scaled-down version of a costume I made for myself for a science-fiction convention years ago. The current model is an unmodified Pretty Flowers Barbie. The pin on her sash is a photocopy of the Phoenix emblem colored in with a highlighter. The emblem on her chest is yellow spandex sewn to the black spandex, then detailed with black fabric paint to create the wings, tail, and beak.

Zhaan, of Farscape

This was my first customization. After removing a Mattel Lara doll's hair, I covered the skull with PaperClay to smooth over the holes in the scalp. (Warning before you try this method: The PaperClay is pulling away slightly in a few spots.) I painted her blue and tried to duplicate her pattern of spots from a trading card, the only visual source I had at the time. (Turns out her spots are white, not yellow as they looked in that picture.) I designed and made a new dress for Zhaan. I have dubbed it the "Space MuMu."

Harry Potter

This originally was a Stacy doll. I repainted his eyes and eyebrows, and painted on his scar also. The windswept hairstyle happened by accident when I tried to "boil perm" this reroot. I posed him on a broom from Michael's Crafts to take advantage of that happy accident. I wrote "Nimbus 2000" on the broom handle. The Golden Snitch in his hand is a charm from a necklace. The clothes are part of an outfit for Mattel's Mari. His glasses are also Mattel accessories. I made this doll almost a year before Mattel's Harry Potter dolls came out. I'm noticing a trend - I do a doll, it gets mass produced soon afterwards...

Debbie's Renn Faire Garb

When I was pounding my head up against a wall developing a pattern for a commission, I took a quick break and made Debbie some Renn faire garb. I only made the skirt and pantaloons. She already had the rest of the outfit. Just a quick fun project, and then a chance to play around with PaintShop Pro.