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Doctor Who: Ogron Customized Action Figures

Rick sculpted two Ogrons for me as part of our ongoing trades. As always, you can see more of Rick's wonderful work at his Mego Doctor Who and Customs site. He comes up with some wonderful variations on classic monsters that make each sculpt an individual, not just a monster. For example, the Leader Ogron has mutton chop side burns and bulldog fangs and just generally looks cool.

His vest is black vinyl fabric. There are double rows of piping along the neck and armholes. (You might remember my previous rants about how much I hate piping. I won't even start the second Ogron uniform until I no longer have the urge to scream at the merest thought of having to make more piping for it.) His sash is brown vinyl from the upholstery section. It's the same stuff I used to make boots for a custom Romana II outfit I made for Rick.

The boots are combat boots off a Power Team figure. His gun is a Max Steele accessory, I think. The trousers and shirt both are tea dyed muslin. I cut sleeves out of cheesecloth, then dyed them to sort of match the shirt. I basted the cheeesecloth sleeves to the muslin sleeves, then made the shirt as usual.

The Ogron Leader has a Soldier Ogron to boss around, but I've only managed to make one uniform so far. I am sick of black leather for the moment, so it may be a while before the Soldier Ogron gets his uniform. He's currently hiding his nakedidity in my "to do" box. Hmmm...Leader and Soldier sound so generic. What are some good names for these Ogrons?