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What's New at Fabric of Time and Space

(5/16/13): Cthulu Cultist - "Ia! Ia! Cthulu fhtagn!" A quick custom inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. It's been almost three years since I updated this website. I've been busy with my day job. This quickie custom helped me to de-stress after a particularly busy time. I gotta balance my work and play better from now on.

(7/2/10): 1950s Poodle Skirt, now that I've tried the water treatment to pull the fabric into a more natural-looking position.

(7/2/10): Updated photos of the Third Doctor's outfit from "The Sea Devils", now that I've tried the water treatment to pull the fabric into a more natural-looking position.

(6/24/10): Fourth Doctor's red jacket - I finally made a proper 1:6 version of the red jacket from "The Ark in Space" and "Planet of Evil."

(5/25/10): Vashta Nerada - A quick and easy Doctor Who monster custom.

(5/25/10): Elf - One of my attempts at basic sculpting: I added Elf ears to an existing head sculpt.

(5/25/10): Millie Hawkins - A Hogwarts Student in Ravenclaw (a work in progress).

(4/13/10): I've posted some pics of fabric designs I'd be willing to trade for on a Photoshop Help Wanted page.

(12/23/09): I made a version of the Third Doctor's outfit from "The Dinosaur Invasion".

(12/4/09): I made a version of the Third Doctor's outfit from "The Sea Devils". I finally have a Pertwee headsculpt, thanks to the wonderful RussFX.

(7/20/09): No longer taking new paid commissions. Currently I'm focusing on projects I want for myself. I might make extra copies of those outfits to sell to raise funds for my own projects, or else to trade for high-quality custom work in my areas of interest (Doctor Who, naval uniforms, pirates, Regency clothing, etc.). I list some of the items in which I'm interested on the Items Wanted for Trade page.

(3/15/09): I've been meaning to sew a trench coat for the 10th Doctor for ages, and finally got a chance to work on it.

(12/9/08): Pictures of the new improved version of the outfit for Leela from Doctor Who.

(12/6/08): Pictures of the new improved version of the outfit for The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) from Doctor Who.

(11/28/08): I finally made a brown coat (like the one worn in the Doctor Who episode "Robots of Death") for The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) from Doctor Who. I also made a new improved version of the gray coat like the one worn in the Doctor Who episode "City of Death." Apparently, today I am the "Seamstress of Death."

(8/27/08): Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

(8/27/08): Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) Companion to both the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor.

(8/21/08): Eldrad MUST Live! A classic creature from The Hand of Fear" - and one of my personal favorites. Rick sculpted Eldrad for me.

(8/21/08): I finally finished a vest for the Sixth Doctor. Spats are next!

(8/16/08): No longer taking new paid commissions. I'm completing my current batch of paid commissions (details on my Gallery webpage). I'll continue to sew for trade items.

(5/11/08): I'm about to offer a *very* limited number of outfits for sale to help finance the creation of some custom Doctor Who head sculpts. Updates on outfits will be posted on my Gallery webpage as they become available. (When I start or finish sewing an outfit, etc.) For more information on the head sculpt commissions, check out these threads on FantasyNet and Outpost Gallifrey. For years I've been sewing outfits for Doctor Who characters...but haven't had dolls/action figures to wear many of the outfits I'd like to sew! Hopefully offering some of these outfits will help to pay the commissioning fees to finally get those head sculpts made.

(4/6/08): Recently I've gotten a lot of requests for the burgundy costume worn by the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) during Season 18 of Doctor Who. To be completely honest, it's probably my least favorite Doctor Who costume. Making that burgundy costume would feel like work instead of a hobby. I've received some tempting trade offers, but I just can't bring myself to care enough about that burgundy costume to do it any justice. It wouldn't be fair to "phone in" a sewing project. So for the forseeable future I respectfully decline to work on that burgundy costume. If I ever change my mind, I'll post an update here.

(4/3/08): Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and Random How-To Guides - As I think of useful information, I'll add it to this new section of my website.

(2/5/08): Sweet Jane - An apprentice at the Academy in my pseudo-historical series of figures.

(12/5/07): Steampunk Mad Scientist - I built some spectacles, which were inspired by the ones from Sleepy Hollow and National Treasure. I also found some detailed medallions to use as coat buttons, and a fabric that just begged to become an 18th century waistcoat. The completed figure now resides in the pseudo-historical section.

(11/25/07): Airborne Reinforcements (Elemental Style) - I bought a pair of angel wings from The Mushroom Peddler ages ago, and finally found a way to use them in the pseudo-historical section.

(11/24/07): A Fire Mage - Another addition to the pseudo-historical section. We'll see if I can continue to add more story elements with the introduction of each custom outfit.

(11/18/07): A Different Sort of Court Mage - Even as civilization encroaches on the wild lands...Albion's first defenders live on. Enter a world in which Science and Reason now join the ancient arts of Magic in the wars which rage across Europe....

(11/12/07): Jo Grant - The Third Doctor's assistant at U.N.I.T. Plus, I finally got around to taking a picture of my own 1:6 scale "sporty yellow roadster."

(11/12/07): A coral floral Regency frock, with little rosebuds. Could it get any more girly?

(10/26/07/07): The Sixth Doctor A work in progress.

(10/26/07): Fourth Doctor's Scarf I bought a 1:6 scale scarf from "Simply Treasures." I'm extremely impressed with the quality and accuracy of her work on this scarf.

(6/21/07): The Master The decayed version that first appeared in "The Deadly Assassin" (1976).

(6/14/07): Regency frock A girly-type dress. No, it did not take me four months to make a simple dress. I've been working on some Doctor Who outfits all this time. I've worked on a coat for the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), but I wasn't happy with my first attempt, so I'm making a new one. I'm also working on a Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) outfit, but I won't post that until after I've finished the entire outfit. I still have to complete the vest, tie, and spats.

(2/18/07): Tegan Jovanka One of the Fifth Doctor's companions.

(2/15/07): Time Lords of Gallifrey I finally finished the other collars I've been working on all this time.

(12/8/06): Nikolai's Cloak Nikolai is a long-term project of mine. He's inspired by a Tzimisce character I played in an RPG campaign years ago. Some people irritated him. To celebrate their defeat, Nikolai had a nice new cloak made...out of their flesh. I will spare you any further details...

(12/8/06): Martha Jones A possible base figure to use to create your own custom Martha Jones, a companion of the Tenth Doctor.

(11/26/06): Time Lord of Gallifrey Another Doctor Who custom outfit. Thanks to James Barnes for helping me to figure out how to construct the collar. Once that problem was solved, I could work on the fun part - decorating the collar!

(11/15/06): The Wirrn: Custom figure by James Barnes. An insectoid race adrift in space, and ready to make humanity its new food source!

(11/2/06): The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston): Custom figure by Les Walker.

(7/27/06): Bloody Red Bess - Oddly enough the inspiration for this outfit came from a single description of an random outfit in the Age of Unreason series by J. Gregory Keyes. It wasn't even a pirate wearing the outfit. For some weird reason, that description stuck in my head and inspired me to sew something based on it.

(6/23/06): Tricorn hat - I finally finished the tricorn hat to top off the pirate outfit I completed on 6/17/06.

(6/17/06): Pirate Coat - Similar in style to Captain Jack Sparrow's coat in Pirates of the Caribbean (but not an exact duplicate of that coat). I haven't posted much lately because I've been working on this elaborate coat as well as several more pirate outfits as part of a HUGE trade I'm doing. When this trade is finished, the Tzimisce figure I'm working on will have a couple of vohzd minions. Yippee!

(4/9/06): Bessie - The "sporty yellow roadster" that belonged to the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee). Jonathan Sheen made this awesome flea market find. For those of you who want to track down one of your own, it's a "Flying Dutchman antique car" from Remco. It's battery operated, and came out in the 1960s. The box for this car says "style 611." There have been a few listed on eBay in the past, so you can get an idea of price ranges. (Thanks to David Eden for his research.) Even more thanks to Jonathan, who snagged one for me. When it arrives, it will need some TLC to make it "street legal" again. (The hood is gone, but hey, after 40-odd years, parts of toys do go missing.)

(3/19/06): Deerstalker - Sherlock Holmes hat.

(2/26/06): A possible Nikolai? - My first Obitsu, and my first attempt at inserting 5mm acrylic eyes into a 1:6 doll head. I've since decided that this figure doesn't capture the correct look or feel of the character I'm trying to create. Back to the drawing board...

(2/19/06): Mr. Midshipman Horatio Hornblower - For the first time in over eight months, something I made entirely for myself: not for a commission, not for a contest, just me sewing entirely for fun. I could get to like this.

(2/19/06): Lt. Buckland - An upgraded version of the British naval uniform.

(10/30/05): T'Pol catsuit from Star Trek Enterprise - The first project I've worked on since I moved! Pleas note the piping along the neck, shoulders, and contrasting panels on the back. I took new pictures of a later project on 3/26/06.

(8/14/05): No longer taking commissions - I received a contract to teach media studies courses this fall, which means I'm packing frantically, moving across the US, preparing three college courses, finding a new place to live, and unpacking, all before the end of August. Since I'll be very, very busy, I won't have quite as much time for sewing for a while. When things start to calm down, I'll finish my remaining commsssions then treat myself to a good long stretch of time to work on my own projects. So, I've removed prices and purchasing options from my web site. When or if I ever decide to take commissions again, I've saved all of that information so I can restore the old format. I'm still interested in trading for Doctor Who items of course, and I already have a few projects in mind to send to Rick and Dave in trade for their custom goodies.

(8/8/05): Pirate Queen Vikki - My entry to a fantasy-themed MiniMe contest should be my last entry for a little while. (See my entry for 8/14/05 to learn why.)

(6/25/05): Clint Eastwood coat from Pale Rider - You'll have to scroll down a little bit on the page set aside for Commissions and Works in Progress.

(6/18/05): British Naval Officers and Crew - Some dioramas while I figure out which figures will be in the crew. I've had a chance actually to play with my toys while my sewing machine has been in for repairs.

(6/17/05): Alejandra de Castille, a.k.a. the Pirate Queen - An excuse to play with my toys...

(6/11/05): Doctor Who: The Second Doctor - I now have a custom Patrick Troughton head sculpt thanks to TV and Sci Fi Custom Heads.

(6/11/05): Where to Buy Loose Parts to Kitbash Your Own Custom Figures - I finally got around to updating my Links page to include sites where you can buy loose parts: bodies, accessories, etc.

(6/4/05): Debbie's Renn Faire Garb - Buried at the bottom of this page is a picture of the Renn Fair garb I just completed for Debbie.

(6/3/05): James Bond Custom Outfits - In addition to the "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" outfit I made earlier, I just finished a commission for some uniforms for Bond villain henchmen.

(5/21/05): Zoe Herriot's "Wheel in Space" uniform - I modified the catsuit pattern I created earlier for Zoe's costume from "The Mind Robber."

(4/23/05): Doctor Who and the Temple of Death - Another one of my lame photo "stories" (and I use the term loosely) featuring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

(4/17/05): Romana II - Destiny of the Daleks outfit.

(4/14/05): An assault on a fortress by the sea - I made clothing for seaman, and a boat for them as well.

(4/9/05): Gentleman Jack, or, Stand and Deliver - This highwayman was my entry for the first annual FantasyNet contest. I couldn't show him anywhere until after voting ended since all entries were anonymous. That, combined with more commission work, is why it's been so long since any updates.

(1/21/05): Zoe Herriot - Yep, another Doctor Who outfit! I plan to modify the pattern I just created for this catsuit to make different styles, like Zoe's "Wheel in Space" uniform or maybe some catsuits suitable for Emma Peel from The Avengers.

(12/27/04): Faction Paradox Assassin - Skeletal armor and double-bladed dagger. Faction Paradox appears in several Doctor Who novels and in spin-off books and audios.

(12/26/04): Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - A Doctor Who kitbash I did ages ago. It just took me this long to take a decent picture of it. In charge of UNIT, the Brigadier worked with several Doctors.

(12/26/04): Frobisher - All hail the big talking bird! Frobisher has appeared in Doctor Who Magazine comics and in Big Finish audios.

(12/18/04): Sailor Scout - Outfit based on Japanese School Uniforms.

(12/17/04): I've mentioned before that part of why I started sewing was to give myself a break while writing my dissertation to get my Ph.D.. I successfully defended the diss last week. I didn't have to make any revisions, so now I'm done! My friends have enjoyed calling me "Doctor" (and I've enjoyed hearing it, even if it still sounds sort of strange).

(11/21/04): Leela vs. the Daleks - Holy Frijole! Check out the excellent pictures James was kind enough to send me of the Leela costume he bought from me recently. He included a nice size comparison against one of the 12" Radio Controlled Talking Daleks that recently came out.

(11/20/04): Commissions and Works in Progress - Some of these projects lack appropriate head sculpts, so be ready to use your imagination, OK?

(11/20/04): I'm going to ChicagoTARDIS next weekend - my first ever Doctor Who con! I'm so excited! I'm making five Auton action figures and two Leela action figures and hope to sell them at the convention. I'll also have some picture frames that record sound bites - great for autographs. I have to raise some extra money since in three weeks, I defend my dissertation and hopefully complete my Ph.D. program. (Wish me luck!) Oddly enough, the university wants me to pay off all my tuition before they'll give me my degree. So, this is my version of a bake sale to raise funds. Anyway, I'll have business cards and flyers and maybe one or two other dolls to display (if only in my room). If you want to say "Hi," I'll be the red head with the "Fabric of Space and Time" name badge in addition to my con badge.

(11/20/04): I've got a long queue of commissions again. First in line are some 1:6 scale Doctor Who costumes: Zoe Herriot's catsuits from "Wheel in Space" and "The Mind Robber," and Romana's pink "Destiny of the Daleks" outfit. I'll also be making Debbie some Renn Faire garb and some fall-front breeches for the 18th century Royal Navy project we've been working on. I want to finish those breeches so I can show off the cool accessories Ed (a great guy I met through the FantasyNet Forum) made to go with the naval cannon Debbie and I made. After that, I have a sailor suit/school girl outfit to make. There are a few other historical and sci-fi sewing projects that are being discussed, but nothing's set in stone yet.

(11/19/04): I forgot to mention! I finally finished the last of the Cavalier hats for the FantasyNet Figure Project back in September! This project ate up a lot of my time, but it's been worth it.

(11/8/04): Kolchak the Nightstalker Custom Outfit - The title pretty much says it all.

(10/5/04): Custom Naval Cannon - Inspired by Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

(10/3/04): Liz Shaw, from Doctor Who - Assigned to UNIT, she assisted the Third Doctor.

(9/4/04): I've been busy on several commissions and other projects lately. I just finished making 20 western-style dusters for the FantasyNet Figure project. I started making the cavalier-style hats today. I've made a lot of pirate shirts, a recreation of some SCA garb, and a Jedi cloak. I'm drafting patterns for uniforms for midshipmen, captains, and admirals since I found some great figures that I want to add to my British Royal Navy collection.

(8/21/04): I finally sat down and learned how to make tables in HTML. They're pretty basic, but considering I'm learning all this stuff from scratch as I go, "it ain't too bad." The tables make my Wants List and For Sale list a lot easier to read. I still want to reformat a lot of my other pages eventually, but I gotta sleep sometime...

(7/24/04): Another Doctor Who custom. I finally got around to making the Fourth Doctor a red jacket from episodes like Ark in Space. Woo hoo! Rick's Denys Fisher Doctor Who action figure models this outfit. He seems to be offering some jelly babies to Rick's custom Zygon...

(6/29/04): James Bond (George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service) - A commission for Jonathan Sheen of Leviathan Studios. He was kind enough to take some pics of the outfit on the Sideshow figure he commissioned it for. I still need to finish writing the "how to" information on this outfit.

(6/13/04): Leela gets a new monster to fight, since I bought the Van Helsing Hellbeast figure.

(6/12/04): Animated Autons from Doctor Who - My first ever attempt at animation.<

(5/10/04): Napoleanic Era dress - All my British Naval officers needed some female companionship.

(5/10/04): How to Wear a Great Kilt - Instructions on how to dress action figures in the great kilts I make.

(4/24/04): Ogrons - Minions of the Daleks.

(4/22/04): Possible Head Sculpt Likenesses - Dolls and action figures that could become Doctor Who stars with just a little bit of love and attention.

(4/21/04): New TARDIS pictures - I was never happy with the old ones. It just took me this long to take some better pictures. I also took some better pictures of Leela, wielding a crossbow and her knife.

(3/25/04): Finally got our own domain. Began moving entire site to its new location: http://vikki.ethernauts.net

(3/20/04): Doctor Who: 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) outfit completed. There will be a figure as soon as the custom head sculpt gets painted, and I'll update this page when that happens. Until then, enjoy the outfit.

(3/19/04): Ruffled uniform shirt for Lt. William Bush finally finished.

(3/19/04): Golic, from Alien 3. I've been inspired by so many Paul McGann roles lately, I made a separate page for kitbashes and customizations based on various characters he's played.

(1/22/04): Anton, from The Rainbow. Yep, it's yet another Paul McGann project. It's a pretty bad movie, but the uniform was worth a kitbash.

(1/2/04): Lt. William Bush (Inspired by Paul McGann's portrayal in the Horatio Hornblower movies on A&E)

(11/17/03): Doctor Who monsters the Autons finally get a few Photoshop images separate from the "how to" guide I put on this site earlier. Hopefully these images will become part of an actual story someday.

(11/17/03): Sonic screwdriver I finally finished the sonic screwdriver I started ages ago, and put it in the hands of the Eighth Doctor, in pictures at the bottom of the Eighth Doctor's page. I also played around with Photoshop to make a special effect.

(11/02/03): Medieval and Renaissance Life I finally took some pics with the new, higher quality camera!

(11/01/03): My OOAK versions of Phoenix, Zhaan from Farscape, and Harry Potter finally get Photoshop backgrounds

(10/22/03): How To Make a Customized Auton from Doctor Who

(10/22/03): Doctor Who: UNIT vs. the Krynoid

(10/22/03): Great Kilt added to Highlanders page

(10/19/03): Delerium OOAK by Debbie. I finally got around to making a Photoshop background.

(10/17/03): Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor

(10/14/03): Pirate

(9/21/03): Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who

(8/28/03): Scottish Highlander wearing a kilt

(8/21/03): British Naval Uniform - Inspired by the Horatio Hornblower series. This uniform has curved lapels, which are a pain to make.

Items made before 8/21/03 - all over the website.