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British Royal Naval Officers and Crew

Leading an assault on a fortress by the sea. I finally made some clothing for seamen. I found the checked fabric (both red and white and the blue and white) at Hobby Lobby. The blue and white striped fabric is from JoAnn's, and actually is some sort of seersucker. I haven't been able to find a knit fabric to resemble a sweater, but this will do for now. I made fall-front trousers, then covered up all that extra detail with overhanging shirts. Oh, well. Both the trouser legs and the shirt sleeves roll up.

The grapnel, boarding axe, and swivel gun all came from Ed Cassar/intents2000. Lt. Bush's saber and belt with hanger came from Cotswald's Collectibles. I made the boat from two display shelves from Michael's. Originally, each unit came with two drawers with oars for handles, and a small metal loop so you could hang it on your wall. I sanded the bottoms of the shelves to make them smooth and level. I glued together the two shelves. What used to be the bottoms of the shelves now is the middle of the boat. I used Wood Filler to even out that join, and to try to cover up the tiny staples visible on the outside of each shelf. I also put Wood Filler in the holes where I'd uncrewed and removed the hangers. I sanded it all as smooth as I could, and Debbie stained it. Until i can figure out a better method, the swivel gun is held in place by a piece of Plasti-Tac, the putty you use to hang up posters.

Passing time aboard ship, playing cards.

Summoned to the quarterdeck while plotting a course - bicorn hat required.

Midshipman Carter has been needing a good flogging for a while...