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Medieval and Renaissance Life

Vitale sits at the head of the table, with his son Marco nearby. Marco should eat his dinner in his room, with his nurse, but I liked the idea of him sitting in a smaller throne at his father's side.

Seraphino is seated below the salt cellar, a position of low status at medieval feasts. (The poor boy isn't very popular with the lord of the castle.)

The feast includes bread (a loaf and slices), sausage, (notice the slices on Vitale's plate), pears, apples (Albina has taken a bite of hers), chicken, and cheese. At the center of the table, is a duck on a silver tray. Fowl could be presented in their feathers at medieval feasts.

A quiet evening in the castle. Albina reads while Marco plays with a horn near his mother. A musician plays the lute while Vitale and Seraphino play chess. One of Albina's ladies-in-waiting might play the harp later.

Kitbash notes

Vitale's chair is a letter holder from Goodwill. I lowered the "seat," then glued red velvet stuffed with PolyFil to the wood to make cushions for the seat and back. Marco's seat is a piece of 1:12 scale doll house furniture.

Most of the food, and Vitale's mug of dark ale, came from an Ultimate Soldier's accessory pack. The salt cellar, the plates, and the other wooden items, (including most of the apples), came from woodworking departments at Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann Fabrics.

Stained glass windows wouldn't be in feast halls. I just thought it looked pretty. I found this image on the Web, and did a color copy onto a transparency sheet at Kinko's.

I found the miniature chess set at Texas Renaissance Festival. The pieces are pegs, so you really can move them on the board. The column supporting the chess set is two film canisters glued together and painted brown. The lids are painted gold to serve as decorative accents.

The harp is a 1:12 scale doll house accessory. The tapestry can be ordered online from Renaissance Magazine. (For Harry Potter fans, this is the same design used in Gryffindor's common room in the movies.) The cat is a plastic toy. The musician's lute is a magnet from a music store.

I painted Celtic knotwork on the chest and on the round table/stool near Albina. Both are wood boxes from Wal-Mart and Jo-Ann Fabrics. The Celtic design came from a Dover Books collection. Their iron on transfers can be applied to both cloth and wood. Acrylic paint stays within the iron-on lines amazingly well, which helps a lot.

I made Albina's bench from a letter holder from Hobby Lobby. I stained it, then glued a red velvet cushion to the "seat" and padded it with PolyFil. The painted trim on the bench is molding from a craft store woodworking department.

If you want to see images of the clothing by itself, check out my Medieval and Renaissance Clothing page.