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Possible Head Sculpt Likenesses

Maybe they need their hair restyled. Or maybe they need their face repainted. Or maybe they need major reconstructive surgery with sculpey and/or a Dremel tool. Either way, these dolls and action figures might be good base figures to become Doctor Who characters some day.
Maybe the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)? Dragon's Royal Marine Roger figure. A second Roger figure became a customized Lt. William Bush action figure.
Maybe Liz Shaw? Jakks Pacific's "Josie and the Pussycats" doll. Rerooted with blonde hair, this doll became my customized Liz Shaw action figure.
Maybe Susan Foreman? Mattel's Audrey Hepburn doll.
Maybe Barbara Wright? Integrity Toys' Black Tie Affair - Israeli Candi head mold.
Maybe Victoria Waterfield? Mattel Charm Belle Barbie doll from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Maybe Dr. Evelyn Smythe, the Sixth Doctor's companion in the Big Finish audio adventures? Mattel Happy Family Grandma doll.
Maybe Erimem, the Fifth Doctor's companion in the Big Finish audio adventures? Integrity Toys' African Legends Janay doll, with her cape removed.
Maybe Harry Sullivan, the Fourth Doctor's companion? I've forgotten which action figure this is. Sorry.
Maybe Martha Jones, the Tenth Doctor's companion? The hair style is about right. The streaks could be dyed or re-rooted. This was one of Mattel's "Fashion Fever" dolls, possibly Kayla. She came in a clear plastic tube.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me and let me know about them. I'm always trying to find more base figures. (Truthfully, I'm not usually that good at spotting good base figures, so any and all help will be appreciated.)