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Doctor Who: The Master

The Master: The decayed version that first appeared in "The Deadly Assassin" (1976)
I tweaked his robe somewhat, adding ragged strips like a mummy's wrappings around his arms and chest. Such wrappings seemed more in keeping with the feel of the original makeup and cloak than the neatly hemmed robe that appeared in "The Deadly Assassin."
Custom head and hands sculpted by James Barnes.

If you need a 1:6 scale Master, this figure, "Shipwreck," is part of a GI Joe vs. Cobra line of 12" action figures. He wears a blue cap in the original package, but it's easily removable. WARNING: This doll is one of the poor unfortunates with sculpted-on clothing, so he permanently has on a blue sweater. I did a head swap to one of the Star Wars Imperial officer bodies since it already had black gloves painted on it. I just haven't taken a picture of it yet because I want to make a new Master outfit using a better fabric choice than what appears in the picture here.

In addition to my usual 1:6 scale clothing, I also sew outfits in scale with the Mego/Denys Fisher Doctor Who action figures. This figure is a Real Heroes bomb squad figure from Toys R Us. It hasn't been modified in any way since it already has a close facial resemblance to the Master.
This picture from Rick's Mego Who Accessories page compares the Real Heroes bomb squad figure to the old Doctor Who figure.