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Sites with more Doctor Who customizations, general Doctor Who information, and some other sites useful for customizations.

Doctor Who Custom Sites

Les Walker Figure Master 1:6 scale Ninth Doctor, Peter Cushing Doctor, and more to come!

Sean Huxter's Tardis Project Lots of graphics, but well worth the wait. Step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on how he built a 1:6 scale TARDIS, Console, Sonic Screwdriver, and Daleks. Also check out the Doctor Who and other photo comics, the 1:6 scale sweaters, his other how-to guides....Lots to see and do here!

Anthropomorphic Designs 1:6 scale Fourth Doctor, plus other great custom figures like Ming the Merciless!

Mego Doctor Who and Customs Good ideas for sources for clothes, accessories, etc. to make your own customs.

Philip Lawrence's Action Figure Theatre Doctor Who Custom Action Figures starring in photo comics.

Iron-Cow's McFarlane Doctor Who customs and pictures of the same from Cool Collecting.com Action Figures, with recipes for how they were done.

Doctor Who Modeling Page Impressive models, and Console Rooms built from scratch.

TV and Sci Fi Custom Heads Some nice Doctor Who head sculpts, but I believe he stopped making any more.

Doctor Who information

Doctor Who Image Archive Lots of images to use as references for Doctor Who customs.

Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society Lots of images to use as references for Sarah Jane Smith's clothes, boots, jewelry, and other accessories in various Doctor Who episodes.

Product Enterprise Ltd They make talking Daleks and Cybermen, and promise 12" Doctor Who dolls in 2003.

UK Toyfair pictures of Product Enterprise's 9" talking Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Davros figures, and their K9 as well.

Where to Buy Loose Parts to Kitbash Your Own Custom Figures

Instead of buying entire figures for only one or two parts, you can buy individual accessories from these and other sites. You can find more sites like these by typing the unfortunate key words "nude" or "loose" into Google or another search engine.

Battle Rhino Check out their "Other Eras" link for medieval and other goodies. This is my "go to" site.

Monkey Depot Flat shipping rate. Check out their "Dragon Other Eras" link for interesting goodies.

War Toys I don't find as much in stock here as at the other sites, but they sometimes get in something I can use: like the "Roger" figure that is the base for my 8th Doctor action figure and Lt. Bush action figure.

Cotswald Collectibles I don't find buy from here very often, but they do have some cool armor, and a uniform you can use for a "Sharpe's Rifles" custom action figure. Type "waterloo" into the site's search engine to find it.

One Sixth Depot Worth a look due to lots of random goodies that are dififcult to find elsewhere. Be warned, trying to locate a specific item using the site's search engine can be an adventure. Key words in item descriptions can be spelled incorrectly. Or, items' key words are their possible kitbashing use (Ex: "Klingon boots") instead of their original source (Ex: "bbi Andromeda"). Flat shipping rate.

Doll Head Sculpts, Accessories, Patterns, etc.

Triad Toys A good source for boot feet compatible with CY Girls. Their forthcoming Evo and Eva bodies look fantastic (movable eyes and lots of other cool features). If you need a slightly shorter female figure (with an A cup or a C cup), check out the Solider Story S1 figure now available through Triad's website.

Jim's Printable Minis Click on your preferred scale to go to a list of cool accessories you can print out on your computer: money, law enforcement badges, take out boxes, and plenty more. Playscale is for 12" dolls like G.I. Joe or Barbie.


Fantasy Net Lots of creative customized and kitbashed action figures to inspire you, and lots of tips, tricks, and tutorials from these friendly folks.

Fantasy Net on ezBoard Fantasy Net's original location. Maybe it will migrate when ezBoard migrates to Yuku. Maybe it will disappear into the ether. It lives on at Fantasy Net's new location.