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Doctor Who: Leela, Warrior of the Sevateem, Action Figure

Some quick pictures of the Ada Chan headsculpts. The Doctor's scarf was knit by Simply Treasures, who even created the holes in the scarf that look cool and don't unravel. That rocks!
James was kind enough to send me some pictures of the Leela costume he bought from me. He used the bbi Perfect Body Brunette action figure (yeah, she's more of a redhead) to be Leela. I love the scenery he used for these photos, and the poses are excellent.
James also included a nice size comparison against one of the 12" Radio Controlled Talking Daleks that recently came out.

I've been meaning to add a pouch, knife, and sheath to this outfit for ages, and finally did so for the outfit James bought.

You also can see what James used to make one of Leela's favorite weapons (a "Janis Thorn") - a shed cat claw!
I made Leela's "leathers" from a *very* thin fabric from the upholstery section. I added darts to show off her curves, then hand sewed red thread along those lines as in the original costume, which you can see at the Doctor Who Image Archive . There also are red ties at the top of the boots I made for her. I created her necklace using beads taken from two of the necklaces from Mattel's Blaine doll.
Obviously, Leela is one of my favorite Doctor Who companions. (Maybe the fact that episode three or four of "Face of Evil" was the first episode I ever saw has something to do with it!) For my Leela figure, I used Kat, one of bbi's CY Girls action figures. They're wonderfully poseable, and stand up on their own pretty well.
The monster Leela is fighting here is the 12" Hellbeast figure from Van Helsing. It makes a great opponent for her to fight!
The original photo I took shortly after I completed the first costume. If you look closely, you can see that I even interspersed red threads with the lighter threads in the top row on her loincloth.