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Doctor Who: UNIT vs. the Krynoid

UNIT trooper Smith is on patrol, due to reports of mysterious disappearances.

The unwary soldier seems doomed to become yet another mysterious disappearance himself, as a Krynoid tendril rises from the undergrowth to strangle him.

Luckily, help isn't too far away. His comrade radios for backup and plunges into the fray with his machete to free Smith.

By the time backup arrives with tanks of defoliant (on the Brigadier's orders), it's too late for the hapless Smith. At least his would-be rescuer manages to crawl free.

After giving the UNIT troops time to get clear, Brigadier General Lethbridge-Stewart orders an air strike on the area. Fires started by grenade launchers will keep the Krynoid busy until the planes arrive to burn it out.

Kitbash notes

The Brigadier is a GI Joe. I *think* he was a Normandy or D-Day Invasion figure, but I can't remember since I threw away the box so long ago. I got his commando sweater from a friend. I printed out the UNIT logo and glued it to a green beret.

The UNIT troops wear Power Team commando sweaters. They're brown instead of green, but they had the shoulder and elbow patches, so they're close enough for me! The defoliant tanks are scuba tanks with the dials painted white and the indicator needles painted black. Of course, they don't show up in the picture I took. Oh, well. For the hose, I used one of those twisty-ties that lash action figures into their boxes.

The Krynoid tendril is a length of leafy holiday garland from the craft store. Yeah, it blends into the grass in the background, but - Easiest Doctor Who monster ever! :)