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Kolchak the Nightstalker

I've only managed to catch a few episodes of Kolchak the Nightstalker on Trio, but I've enjoyed the show. I've also had a few folks ask for a custom Kolchak outfit. Luckily, I found a wonderfully in-scale blue and white striped seersucker fabric in scale at Hancock Fabrics.
Most action figure neckties are only a piece of ribbon or fabric on a loop of elastic. This necktie ties like a real one, so you can adjust it - tighter, looser, completely untied, etc. - which is handy given how often Kolchak's tie was askew.
I don't have an action figure that resembles Kolchak, but a customer was kind enough to send these pictures of his figure wearing the suit I made. In addition. you can see Rick's custom Kolchak figure and read about how he made it at his Nightmares and Nightstalkers site.