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How to Wrap and Wear a Great Kilt (if you're a GI Joe or other 1:6 scale Action Figure)

A 1:1 Great Kilt is a fabric piece carefully pleated and wrapped each time you put it on. My 1:6 Great Kilt simplifies this procedure. I took the loose material above the line where I sewed the pleats into place and folded it over so it formed a triangle. In other words, the top right and left corners of the original "square" of fabric meet in the middle of the fabric (about 4.5 inches from either side), right at the top of the row of pleats. I sewed those two corners into place along the same line of stitches that secured the pleats. Now the material in the back naturally falls to a point, as in this picture of the prototype I made.

First, you need to place the great kilt with the "point" end away from you, as seen here.

Make sure the "flaps" on the top part of the great kilt are face-up.

Next, find the line where I sewed the pleats into position - about 3.75" from the bottom. Position Joe Action Figure so his waist is on this line.

Joe Action Figure should also be about 2.5" from the right side of the kilt.

Wrap the kilt around Joe's waist: first the left side, then the right side.

Use a belt to hold the kilt around Joe's waist. If you don't have a belt, dark string of some sort should work.

Now the "point" hangs down in the back. (Make sure his shirt is tucked in.)

Gently roll the fabric dangling down in back (sort of like you're gently wringing out a towel).

Bring the point over Joe's left shoulder to create the "sash" over his chest.

Tuck the point into his belt.

You can also decorate the "sash" with a pin. I use an old earring, and just poke the post through the fabric.

I hope this quick 'n dirty guide will help your Joe Action Figure to don his new Great Kilt. If any part of these instructions was confusing, please let me know and I'll try to make it more clear. Thanks!

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