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Jo Grant

Jo Grant keeps the Doctor company while he tinkers on his sprightly yellow roadster Bessie.
Bessie was an awesome flea market find by Jonathan Sheen. For those of you who want to track down one of your own, it's a "Flying Dutchman antique car" from Remco. It's battery operated, and came out in the 1960s. The box for this car says "style 611." There have been a few listed on eBay in the past, so you can get an idea of price ranges. (Thanks to David Eden for his research.) Even more thanks to Jonathan, who snagged one for me, and received a 1:6 Doctor Who outfit from me in return.

The idea for these photos came from the simple fact that although I finished a Third Doctor outfit back in 2004, I still don't have a Third Doctor headsculpt. Luckily Jon Pertwee's Doctor liked gadgets, so I could hide the action figure's face with the excuse of "Oh, he's fixing the car."
Jo Grant is a "Shopping Sisters Hilary Duff" head from Mattel, with a new shorter hairstyle by Forever Virginia. An Obitsu body from The Junky Spot Import Dolls and Figures gives Jo more flexibility and mobility than her original Mattel/Barbie body.