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Historical Clothing for Action Figures and Dolls


Gentleman Jack, or, Stand and Deliver

This highwayman was my entry for the first annual FantasyNet contest.

British Naval Uniforms

Inspired by Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander, and other series.


Assorted girly-type dresses.

Pseudo-Historical Stuff

Where vampires and mages come out to play.

British Naval Officers and Crew

Some dioramas while I figure out which figures will be in the crew.

Custom Naval Cannon

Inspired by Horatio Hornblower, Master and Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Scottish Highlanders

Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

Most of these outfits are OOAK (One of a Kind). A role-playing campaign my best friend Debbie ran a few years ago inspired me to research and to recreate Medieval and Renaissance clothing like the various characters would have worn when they weren't out hacking and slashing. Many of the pictures in this section were taken with my old digital camera - a cheap little thing - so they can be a bit grainy. I'll replace them when I can.

Medieval and Renaissance Life

This is an on-going diorama project, involving sewing outfits, collecting miniatures, and learning to build furniture.

Victorian or Western Clothing

If you're looking for Victorian or Western clothing, a lot of the costumes for Doctor Who can be used for these periods.