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1:6 Scale Kilts for Scottish Highlanders Action Figures

For the DIY seamstresses out there, you can find a pattern for a 1:6 scale kilt at GI MacJoe. (Thanks, Jonathan, for showing me where it is nowadays!) I used this pattern as-is to make the basic "sport" kilt, shown here in the red tartan. I then modified GI MacJoe's sport kilt pattern to make my own pattern for a Great Kilt.

I made the following alterations to turn it into a great kilt. First, I tripled the "height" of the original pattern. I made the pleats following the original instructions. However, instead of sewing on a waistband, I sewed through the pleats about 4 inches up from the bottom edge of the kilt, to hold them in place.

If you want a rougher and more primitive look, don't hem the edges. I highly recommend using Fray Check on any raw edges so although they still look "unfinished," they won't unravel completely. You can find Fray Check liquid in any craft store, or even in Wal-Mart's craft section.

If you want to see how to dress an action figure in this 1:6 scale Great Kilt, you can check out my instructions (with photos) on my How to Wear a Great Kilt (if you're a GI Joe) page

Or, for the traditionalists, you can scale down the instructions for how to wrap and wear a great kilt at TartanWeb.

I made the shirt from a pattern I created myself. It's based on the shirts I see at every Rennasiance Faire I attend! I finally found a way to add ruffles to this basic design. One of the Napoleanic Era British Naval officers currently is modeling that shirt.

The laces are elastic cord. I don't have grommets that small, so I pulled the cord through the shirt fabric with a needle, crisscrossing the thread like I was lacing my shoes, then cutting. I strung a white bead on each end of the cord before I knotted the ends to add a little detail.

The model is a Power Team action figure. His belt came from a U-Boat commander figure. I'll eventually round up some socks and shoes for him. I also plan to make him a sporran, once I have some time to figure out a pattern for it.