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Gentleman Jack, or, Stand and Deliver

This was my entry for the first annual FantasyNet contest. You can see all the entries on the FantasyNet forum for contest entries.

I created all of his clothing, including fall-front breeches that open and close. (Fall-front breeches are the ones worn in Master & Commander, Pirates of the Caribbean, Horatio Hornblower, Sharpe's Rifles, etc.). I'd developed in-scale patterns for fall-front breeches, but couldn't quite figure out how to assemble them based on the cursory descriptions in books on historical fashions. Luckily, Simplicity released a Halloween costume pattern inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean that included fall-front breeches. I used their instructions to figure out how to put all those tiny little pieces together.

After making the hats for the FN figure project, I wanted to try making different hat designs - hence the tricorn. I folded gold ribbon over the edge of the brim, and handsewed it in place to make the trim. I hand-pleated more gold ribbon into a circle to make the cockade on the tricorn, then put a tiny circle of black felt in the center of the cockade.

The cape and its three drip capes all have floral wire sewn into their hems to help with posing. I originally planned a coat similar to the one in Brotherhood of the Wolf, but I wound up liking the look of the multiple drip capes better. Maybe someday I'll go back to my notes and make a Brotherhood-style coat.

Summary of custom-made items:

Tricorn hat edged with gold ribbon and trimmed with a cockade made of hand pleated gold ribbon.

Cloak with three drip capes across its shoulders.

Frock coat with tails, stand-and-fall collar, deep cuffs, and gold buttons.

Shirt with ruffles at collar and cuffs.

Vest with black "buttons."

Fall-front breeches with black "buttons." Buttons would fasten the breeches below the knee and would keep the fall closed.


Items custom-made by another customizer (auret7): Rapier

Commerical items: Flintlock pistol (Sideshow Blackbeard), Buckle shoes (Sideshow Blackbeard), Figure (DML Jean - ironic, since this is a British character)