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Faction Paradox Assassin

Faction Paradox appears in several Doctor Who novels and in spin-off books and audios. There were comics, but the series was discontinued. One of the illustrations for The Book of the War inspired this custom figure. Although I don't want to recreate the original drawing slavishly, I eventually want to add spiky projections to the skeletal armor on this or another figure. He seemed the perfect figure to wield the double-bladed dagger I got from auret7.

During the tedium of sewing and painting, I decided the eyepiece is permanently attached to the assassin's face. (Handy since it's a permanent part of the original figure.) Its heads-up displays offer sensory enhancements. Like the earpieces Faction Paradox members wear, this eyepiece also offers a constant stream of media images and interpretations. His armor gains its strength from its paradoxical nature. The assassin's first kill was a younger version of himself. He now wears the bones he tore from that victim as his armor. (This probably contradicts some Faction Paradox material somewhere, but it's just a story I made up when I played with a toy. Have fun with it, and with any other toys and stories on this site.)

The original figure's head was a featureless black mask with a metallic eyepiece. I used red and black acrylic paints to bring out details on the eyepiece. Silver paint accented a detail on the face mask, and added a tattoo to his forehead.

The base of this figure was part of a two-pack of GI Joe figures that went on clearance. I cut up one of the soft 1:6 scale skeletons I found at Walgreen's in 2003 and sewed the pieces to the figure's black body stocking. A sewing needle went through the skeleton's soft plastic very easily.

I commissioned the dagger from auret7. I only specified a double-bladed dagger suitable for an assassin to wield against a species with two hearts. (At some point I'm going to sew some Time Lord robes and this assassin will get to earn his title.) auret added the serrated edges and the phial of poisonous green ichor in the handle. You can see more images of this dagger (and auret's other fine 1:6 scale weapons) here at his Miniature Weaponsmithing site on ezBoard