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Doctor Who Customization and Kit-Bash Projects

The Doctor

The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton): Cutaway coat based on a Victorian period pattern.

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee): Jacket has working frog closures.

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker): Frock coat based on a Victorian period pattern.

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker): A work in progress.

The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann): Frock coat based on a Victorian period pattern.

The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston): Custom figure by Les Walker.

The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant): Repainted by Les Walker.

Companions and Other Allies

Leela - Fierce warrior of the Sevateem

Sarah Jane Smith - Feminist journalist from the 1970s. Or was it the 1980s? Darn UNIT dating...

Rose Tyler: Companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

Liz Shaw - Assigned to UNIT, she assisted the Third Doctor.

Romana II - Destiny of the Daleks outfit.

Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - In charge of UNIT, he worked with several Doctors.

Zoe Herriot - One of the Second Doctor's companions.

Jo Grant - The Third Doctor's assistant at U.N.I.T.

Tegan Jovanka One of the Fifth Doctor's companions.

Charley Pollard - Edwardian Adventuress. Companion of the 8th Doctor in the Big Finish audios.

Ace - Maker of Nitro 9 explosives.

The TARDIS - Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. This seemed the best category for the ship that transports the Doctor and his companions through time and space.

Time Lords of Gallifrey - The Doctor's people, destroyed in the Last Great Time War. Truthfully, they could count as an Ally and/or an Opponent, often in the same episode...

Frobisher - All hail the big talking bird! Frobisher has appeared in Doctor Who Magazine comics and in Big Finish audios.

Villains and Monsters and Lame Photo "Stories"

The Master - rival Time Lord

Wirrn - An insectoid race adrift in space, and ready to make humanity its new food source! (First seen in "The Ark in Space")

Eldrad MUST Live! (First seen in "The Hand of Fear")

Autons - Plastic minions of the Nestene Consciousness.

Instructions on How to Make an Auton

Ogrons - Minions of the Daleks.

UNIT vs. the Krynoid - murderous plants on the rampage

UNIT and Mel against the Attack of the Giant Spider - OK. There's this giant spider. And it attacks...

Doctor Who and the Temple of Death - Featuring the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Faction Paradox Assassin - Skeletal armor and double-bladed dagger. Faction Paradox appears in several Doctor Who novels and in spin-off books and audios.

Possible Head Sculpt Likenesses - Dolls and action figures that could become Doctor Who stars with just a little bit of love and attention.