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Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

14th century, "Gates of Hell" dress. Albina's cross has handpainted pearls to match pearl trim on surcote. Trim on hat is alternating pearls and gold beads. The surcote actually revealed the curve of the waist and hip underneath! Shocking!
Vitale - Albina's husband. Coat with fur trim, Italy, ca. 1400. Fur trim sewn by hand. Jewelled dagger at waist. Neck of shirt is gathered over some elastic.
Marco, Albina's son. I cheated and borrowed a pair of Kelly's tights. His crown is a ring table favor from the wedding section of the craft store.
Vitale's rival for Albina's affections. Open coat with slashed sleeves, Italy, ca. 1410. Neck of shirt is gathered on a thread. Seraphino. Coat and slashes are fully lined. Gold buttons on sleeve.
Seraphino's betrothed (poor girl). This style of dress was in style for several centuries. Sash is a Christmas ribbon (burgandy with gold trim). I designed a pattern from scratch, then Simplicity released a mass-produced version about a week after I finished making this dress. *mumble, grumble*
Slashed sleeves
Red lining underneath slashes on sleeves. Alternating slashes decorated with red ribbon and gold beads. Velvet hose.
Angel wing sleeves. I modified a McCall's pattern by shortening a Merlin robe into a tunic, then adding hose. The sleeves are fully lined. The buckle is a bead. I threaded a ribbon through it to make a removable belt.
Squire. The parti-colored hose are fun to make! His tabard is trimmed with a gold and purple ribbon.
Another version of the Gates of Hell dress. Note the fuller skirt, which puddles around her feet, and the red belt around her waist beneath the surcote. The gold trim around the neck of the surcote is from a Gene wrist tag, I believe. I scaled down a human-sized Simplicity pattern for this dress. Personally, I like the look of Albina's dress better.
Gown based on designs from around the 16th century.
Renaissance costume made from a modified commerical pattern. Bodice lined with white to simulate glimpse of blouse. Fastens with snaps in the back.
Medieval costume, inspired by the "Gates of Hell" design. One of a Kind (OOAK). Includes sleeveless red satin underdress, and black velevet overdress with red satin sleeves attached. Underdress fastens with snaps in the back. Overdress is trimmed along sides and bottom with alternating red jewels and gold beads. Fits 15" or 16" fashion dolls such as Gene, Tyler, Alex, etc.