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Doctor Who: Ace Action Figure

Obviously Ace is currently a work in progress. Lots of details need to be changed to get this action figure just right. I've started gathering images of the various patches on her jacket so I can make one for her. If you find some images, please do contact me and let me know where to find images of the patches on Ace's jacket! I did a head swap since the original action figure's body was just hideous. I'm trying to figure out a way to replace the hair net (perfect for "Curse of fenric" but not much else) with a pony tail.

Originally, I used this 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier WAAC doll. I repainted her eyes and lips, but I think I need to paint the lips again, in a darker shade. The skin tone on this doll is rather tan, and the light color on the lips isn't working the more I look at it. The rocket launcher seemed like the perfect accessory for Ace. It came from a Soldiers of the World accessory pack. The t-shirt, skirt, and tights come from various Barbie outfits, although the tights don't fit all the way due to the size difference. The jacket should be black, but I borrowed the Cubs Barbie's jacket until I can get a better match. Her sneakers came from a Ken doll.