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Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

Les Walker modified and custom painted this Ninth Doctor head using the Character Options walkie-talkie as a base. He tracked down and altered various mass-produced items of the clothing to assemble the outfit. If you want to see much higher-quality photographs taken by the creator of this particular Ninth Doctor figure, please check out Les Walker Figure Master's webpage.
Les Walker also built the sonic screwdriver. I built the TARDIS.

The weathering on the TARDIS is all courtesy of Photoshop and color print-outs. The original image came from Iron Cow Productions. My husband then enlarged to image so it would be 1:6 scale (and not distorted), did some color correction to make it more blue, and surprised me with some color print outs one day. (He can be a sweetie sometimes.)

Then I had to build a TARDIS so I could glue these wonderful images onto it. Using Sean Huxter's website as an inspiration, I cut pieces of foamcore/gatorboard based on the specs from the old Dr Who Technical Manual.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated some of my dimensions, and I only had the one set of color print-outs. Oops. So I improvised using leftover pieces, and managed to cover everything. If you look at the corner posts of the TARDIS, slightly below the Doctor's knee level, you can see the "seam" where the pieces of paper weren't long or tall enough to cover the entire corner post.