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Doctor Who: Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

A work in progress. I'm rather pleased with the coat, shirt, tie, and trousers.

The custom head sculpt is by ClactonGirl. It will do until I find one I like better.
I created a stencil to add the question marks to the collar of the 6th Doctor's shirt. I printed a picture of the 6th Doc, enlarging it until the collar in the picture was roughly the same size as the collar for my doll. I traced the question mark and the edge of the shirt collar onto some clear plastic. (Like transparency/overhead sheets or the front of a Barbie box.) I used a pin to poke through the traced question mark. Then I lined up the tracing of the edge of the shirt collar on the plastic to the edge of the doll's shirt collar. I dipped the tip of a pin in red fabric paint, then poked the pin through the holes in the plastic. I removed the plastic carefully to avoid smearing the paint. I dipped the pin in more red paint and connected the dots. The pin gave me better control than a paint brush would have done.

Since I couldn't find an in-scale match for the fabric used on the trousers and the coat cuffs, I had to print my own fabric. I used the instructions, tips, and tricks found on the following websites:

Wilma Kindler's Notes on Transferring Digital Images to Fabric With Ink Jet Printers


Printables on Fabric
I finally finished the spats. Unfortunately, I don't have any green shoes, so I'm using white shoes for now. I'll try to post pictures that show off the green buttons along the side of the spats later.
I haven't been able to find an approximate in-scale match for the vest fabric, so I created a vest "inspired by" the Sixth Doctor's notorious fashion sense. I haven't made his spats yet, or found/made a cat badge.