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Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

I finally made a proper 1:6 version of the red jacket from "The Ark in Space" and "Planet of Evil." The headsculpt is from InkedDalek, painted by knucklefunger, both great guys from the Sideshow Freaks forum.

The red jacket involved a lot more insane detail work than I thought it would. In the images below, you can see examples of some of those details.
For example, the back of the jacket has a yoke (as does the front). The back also has two pleats, a belt, and elbow patches.
There also is black trim edging every single pocket. All pockets are functional, so you can fold the flaps over the top, or shove them inside the pocket like Tom Baker somtimes did.

All of the pockets have center pleats as well as black edging.

Just some quick pics to show off an outfit I've been wanting to sew for ages, since it's my favorite of the Fourth Doctor's various outfits. I bought the scarf from Simply Treasures. The headsculpt is from Ada Chan (for now). I don't know which figure donated the shoes.
I made the frock coat by converting a historical pattern to 1:6 scale, so all the seams and other elements should look fairly close to the 1:1 version. My attempts to make fabric-covered buttons haven't been successful yet, so the coat currently lacks buttons on the front and back. I made the cravat by modifying a pattern for a tie. I made the vest, shirt, and trousers using a pattern for doll clothes from Vogue or Butterick.

I made this red jacket from episodes like Ark in Space for Rick, to fit the Denys Fisher Doctor Who action figure. Rick was kind enough to take some pictures of the Doctor wearing his new jacket...and apparently offering some jelly babies to Rick's custom Zygon...

One of my earliest Doctor Who customs was a frock coat based on the one worn by the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) in "The City of Death" and other epsiodes. The coat looks gray in some pictures and brownish gray in others. I chose gray.
For better quality pictures (and a great story to boot) I highly recommend checking out Sean Huxter's photostory The Second Key. I made the gray frock coat worn by the Doctor in Sean's story.
I bought the scarf from "Simply Treasures." I'm extremely impressed with the quality and accuracy of her work on this scarf. My pathetic attempts at knitting taught me how difficult a project like this is.

I have a few notes on my various attempts on my How to Make the Fourth Doctor's Scarf page. Hopefully it will give you some ideas that will work better than mine did. If nothing else, that webpage has some links to knitting patterns that could be converted to 1:6 scale.
I found another possible fabric to use for the Fourth Doctor's vest. The fabric was in the Home Decor section of JoAnn Fabrics. My receipt listed the fabric as "FC Parkland - Truffle" with a SKU number of "400086695907."