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Doctor Who: Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)

Woo hoo! I finally have a Pertwee headsculpt, thanks to the wonderful RussFX. He was kind enough to paint the headsculpt too. You should be able to find out if Russ has any more available for sale or trade by checking out his thread at the Sideshow Freaks Forum: Dr Who, Jon Pertwee a.k.a. "Venutian Karate Master" done.
RussFX also made and painted the sonic screwdriver as part of our trade. He even painted the black lines on the yellow section.
You'll notice that the "cape" on this outfit from "The Sea Devils" tends to poof up in the earlier shots compared to this picture. I tried a technique I'd read about on the One Sixth Warrior forum called the "water treatment" to make fabric lay more naturally on a figure.
For the water treatment, I just put the Inverness on a spare nude figure, then held it under the cold water faucet until it was soaking wet. The weight of the water pulled the fabric into a more natural-looking position. I made sure to fold the collar down, and made sure the cape-like "sleeves" were laying down flat, then just left the figure to dry overnight. It got rid of that annoying "bat wing" effect easy-peasy.
A quick picture with an Axon made by Rick Hurtt.
The frog closures open and close. I found a better way to gather the ruffles for his shirt - by actually following the directions instead of modifying them to save myself a step.
Another photo of this outfit from "The Sea Devils."
My attempt at a close-up to show how cool this head sculpt looks.
I made this version of the Third Doctor's outfit from "The Dinosaur Invasion" for Rick. (I made a copy for myself too, natch!) I added the darker blue edging on the ruffles on the shirt front and cuffs, using fabric paint.
I used scotch tape to keep my line mostly straight - just like using tape when you paint the house or a model. Except the paint soaked into the fabric here and there anyway. Luckily most of those crooked bits were hidden when I gathered the ruffles.
The trousers have a satin band along the side seam, and functional pockets.
The idea for these photos came from the simple fact that although I finished a Third Doctor outfit back in 2004, I still didn't have a Third Doctor headsculpt yet. Luckily Jon Pertwee's Doctor liked gadgets, so I could hide the action figure's face with the excuse of "Oh, he's fixing the car."

Bessie was an awesome flea market find by Jonathan Sheen. For those of you who want to track down one of your own, it's a "Flying Dutchman antique car" from Remco. It's battery operated, and came out in the 1960s. The box for this car says "style 611." There have been a few listed on eBay in the past, so you can get an idea of price ranges. (Thanks to David Eden for his research.) Even more thanks to Jonathan, who snagged one for me, and received a 1:6 Doctor Who outfit from me in return.
The frog closures on the jacket really button and unbutton, as you can see in the first and second pictures. (You can find free patterns for frog closures online by typing "frog closure" or something similar into Google or another search engine.) I sewed black elastic cord into the frog closure pattern. I made the button portion of the closures from 1/4 inch bits of toothpick painted black. I tied black thread around them, then sewed them to the elastic cord.
The bead "buttons" on the shirt are sewn on so the "buttoned" ones are on the right and the "unbuttoned" ones are on the left. There are ruffles on the shirt cuffs, and along the shirt front.