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Doctor Who: The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

Rick Hurtt was kind enough to let me use these pictures he took. I made most of the Second Doctor's outfit: coat, trousers, bow tie, and handkerchief. The coat for this costume is based on a period pattern for a Victorian cutaway coat. The Second Doctor's bow tie was on a safety pin, so this 1:6 scale version is too. Rick custom-painted the suspenders.
Yeti custom-made by Rick Hurtt. Custom head sculpt by Ada Chan of WantedActionFigure. Cybermen by Character Options.
An earlier version of the same outfit. The flute is an accessory from one of Mattel's Generation Girls. I modified a Vogue pattern for the shirt and pants.
This custom Patrick Troughton head sculpt came from TV and Sci Fi Custom Heads. That sculptor has changed web sites so often since then that I lost track of him and no longer have any way to contact him.