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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

I've been meaning to sew a trench coat for the 10th Doctor for ages, and finally got a chance to work on it.
Les Walker custom re-painted the Tenth Doctor head sculpt by Character Options, then mounted it on a Dragon body. My poor photography skills don't show it off too well, but Les even painted David Tennant's freckles (look along the nose), and the faintest five o'clock shadow.
Les rocks. Repaints by Les rock.
You should be able to see a bit of the dark blue lining inside the trench coat I sewed for the Tenth Doctor.
Les Walker also was kind enough to paint BillyB's sculpt of Rose. Please check out Les Walker Figure Master's webpage for more of his great work.
I'm still not happy with how the back turned out. The vent turned out OK. I had to enlarge the pattern slightly for the coat to fit over the 10th Doctor's suit. I think the coat looks baggy as a result, instead of the usual snug fit along the figure's back.