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IMPORTANT NOTES: (7/20/09) I no longer sell outfits or take commissions (paid or trade) outside my areas of interest.

I am a custom doll seamstress who makes outfits and costumes for a variety of genres. My favorite projects are inspired by characters from the BBC TV series Doctor Who. I've also made clothing for pirates and Scottish Highlanders, and costumes inspired by medieval, Renaissance, Regency, Georgian, Napoleonic, and Victorian historical fashions. I've also made a very few fantasy and superhero costumes. I no longer take commissions (paid or trade) for items outside of these areas of interest.

On this site, you will find some examples of my own customs from those genres, as well as examples of the few projects I made for other people before I chose to focus on my own areas of interest.

I try to include some how to tips for customizers and seamstresses on each page, or in a link to more detailed directions. Sometimes it's just a simple note on which action figure I used, or where I found the pattern I used or modified.

A *very* limited number of items used to be available for sale on my Gallery webpage. I list some of the stuff that interests me on the Items Wanted for Trade page. Sometimes I trade for high-quality custom pieces. I rarely trade for mass-produced commercially-available items, unless they're rare, expensive, or difficult-to-find items. Contact me to discuss trade items, joint custom projects, etc. I no longer take paid commissions or make outfits for sale outside of my own areas of interest.

NOTE: This is my hobby, not my full-time job. If I do accept a trade, it can take several months to complete as I work on other trades and on projects of my own. Please respect my work responsibilities.

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